How To Use A Wax Dab Pen

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Wax dab pens come in different sizes and shapes. They also vary in terms of controls, settings, features, and specifications. Some can have a single button for operations, while others have several buttons. You can also find wax dab pens that are controlled using Android or IOS applications.

Wax concentrates differ from other types of cannabis concentrates as a result of their texture. They are malleable and sticky which makes it easy to accurately measure them to the prescribed doses. The texture of wax dab pens also makes it easy to load the concentrates onto a wax dab pen.

Below is a standard step-by-step guide on how to use a wax dab pen.

  1. Charge the wax dab pen’s battery.

The coil in any wax dab pen usually requires a lot of energy/ power to heat up to the set temperature. Having a low battery could still heat up the coil a bit, but it will not be enough to deliver the best results. Thus, before using a wax dab pen, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

  1. Load the heating chamber of the wax dab pen.

After firmly connecting the fully charged battery with the wax dab pen‘s heating chamber, you should appropriately load the wax concentrate to the chamber.  Appropriate loading involves using a dab tool instead of your finger and not overloading the chamber.

While loading you should be careful not to touch the coil directly as rubbing off the top material at any point of the coil can damage it. 

  1. Put your mouthpiece back on and start dabbing.

With your wax dab pen loaded and powered, you should close the heating chamber firmly and restore the mouthpiece. The wax dab pen will now be a single full unit and ready for use. 

You should, however, note that the step-by-step guide above applies to standard wax dab pens. The instructions may vary according to the brand; hence, many brands include a well-written user manual in the package. The manual will appropriately guide you on the correct usage of the wax dab pen.

How to confirm that wax dab pen atomizer is working.

Most wax dab pens’ coils usually need to be replaced after a couple of months. You can know that the coil needs a replacement once you start getting a burnt taste out of the wax dab pen. For light users, the coil can still perform excellently for an extended period.

Since the coil/ atomizer gets damaged easily, you should always check whether it’s working after a few several days before using the wax dab pen. 

The procedure of knowing whether a wax dab pen‘s atomizer is still functional is pretty simple. You just connect the heating chamber to the battery. With the battery activated you should see the coil heat up or feel some heat coming out of it.

Choosing your ideal temperature for a wax dab pen.

Some wax dab pen comes with variable temperature or voltage settings, while others have a single pre-set temperature setting for vaping

Wax dab pens with variable voltage settings allow you to choose the type of vapor you want. Setting them at high temperatures will create large clouds of vapor but the taste quality will decrease. Extremely high-temperature settings can create harsh vapor. On the other hand, setting the temperature of the wax dab pen low will make it create lesser clouds and more flavorful vapor.

If you are an experienced wax dab pen user, you can vary the temperature setting based on the mood or liking. However, first-time users are advised to begin with the lowest temperature setting.

Maintaining and cleaning your wax dab pen.

By using your wax dab pen correctly, it will not require much maintenance and cleaning. Overloading the vape device with the concentrate will create a mess that will need to be cleaned. 

Like most electronic devices wax dab pens should be cleaned using cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. You should always be careful while rubbing the cotton swabs around the electrical connections, including the coil. Never use water to clean a wax dab pen.

The only major maintenance required for wax dab pens is replacing the coil. Always find the correct coil that can match the power output by your wax dab pen’s battery.


While charging your wax dab pen ensure that the charger and the battery are firmly connected. Also do not leave your wax dab pen charging overnight as it will damage it or reduce its life cycle. 

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