How To Take Care Of Your Health In Hard Times? Yoga!

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Fight stress, remain fit and stay healthy with yoga. Anxiety and apprehension are everywhere. It is not possible to avoid them entirely, but you can deal with them. Wondering how? Well! Hit the yoga mat and give yoga a try!

Yoga involves both mind and body practice that mixes physical poses, relaxation, along with controlled breathing. Yoga assists you in decreasing stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. It helps you in taking good care of your health during hard times, and the good thing is anyone can do it.

Yoga is one of the several kinds of complementary medicine approach. It mixes physical and mental disciplines and assists you to achieve peace of both body and mind. It helps you to relax and manage your stress and anxiety well.

Yoga comprises several styles, intensities as well as forms. Hatha yoga is primarily useful for stress management. It is one of the typical yoga types, and beginners love its slow pace and easy movements. But maximum people gain benefits from any pose of yoga, and it’s all about your preferences.

Essential components of a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh mainly includes:

·      Poses: Yoga postures are a sequence of movements crafted to enhance strength and flexibility. These postures range from simple poses to challenging poses. For instance, a simple pose involves lying down on the ground and relaxing, and a difficult pose consists of stretching your body to maximum limits.

·      Breathing: Breathing control is one of the vital aspects of yoga. Yoga teaches you that when you can control your breathing, you can easily manage your body and mind.

·      Meditation: In yoga, you might integrate meditation that helps you learn how to be more mindful and remain aware of the present time without any judgment.

Now let’s see what are some of the potential benefits of yoga for your health/?

·      Yoga helps reduce your stress: Research has proved that yoga helps decrease tension and anxiety. It increases your mood and a real sense of wellbeing. It also assists you in managing your symptoms of melancholy and anxiety that arise because of stressful situations.

·      Enhances fitness: When you practice yoga regularly, it enhances your body balance, strength, and motion, along with body flexibility.

·      Manages your chronic conditions: Yoga helps you decrease your risk factors for several chronic ailments like heart disease and blood pressure. Yoga might also help you in managing your lower back pain, menopause symptoms, along with neck pain. Besides that, yoga helps relieve symptoms of chronic symptoms like COPD, asthma, insomnia, and other kinds of pain.

Now let’s see how yoga affects your mental health and helps you take care of your mental health during challenging times?

·      Yoga assists you in moving from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.  Because of this shift, you will have less stress and make an entry to a more relaxed state of mind. When you start your breathing exercises, you slow down out of the fight or flight, and your nervous system starts calming down.

·      Yoga helps you create your own sense of self: With yoga, you can know yourself better and develop a more non-judgmental relationship with yourself. You will build self-trust. You tend to exercise more and start eating healthier. It is because your unconscious mind tells you. Everything comes down to your relationship with yourself. You become more confident of yourself and become rooted while developing a healthy and balanced ego where you have nothing to prove and nothing for keeping hidden. You start to become more courageous with more willpower. You will not be afraid of difficult conversations.

·      Yoga allows you to remain aware of your shadow characteristics: The yoking of solar and lunar in yoga practices helps you identify qualities in yourself that you are not well aware of, thereby allowing you to be more mindful. It assists you in working from the outside in. Asanas are so important that they release your body stiffness and make you more flexible.

·      Yoga controls your actions and behavior: When you learn yoga, it helps you manage your actions and behavior. For example, people will be forced to show up in various ways. Just think of the warrior pose where yoga assists you to rise and give your best.

But to get the best out of yoga, there are some precautions to be followed.

Yoga is mostly considered safe but when practices under the guidance of a trained teacher. Here are few situations in which yoga might cause a risk:

·      Herniated disk

·      Risk of blood clots

·      Eye conditions

·      Pregnancy

·      Balance issues

·      Out of control blood pressure

·      Osteoporosis

You can learn yoga from books and videos, but beginners will find it helpful when they know with an instructor or a person who has gone through a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Yoga classes also teach you companionship and friendship, which are also vital for your entire well-being.

Before you choose an instructor, try to find out the following things:

What is the teacher’s qualification? From where did he /she obtain training?

Whether or not the teacher possesses experience teaching students with your requirements? If you have any specific problem, whether or not the instructor can help you teach, you pose to get rid of this?

Is the class suitable for beginners?

Whether the class is aimed at your requirements like stress management or aimed at people who want to gain other benefits.

It is all about achieving the perfect balance.

Every person has a different body with various capabilities. You might require to modify your yoga postures depending on your caliber. Selecting a yoga teacher who has obtained either a 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and one who understands all your requirements is suitable for your yoga training.

A good yoga teacher understands you well and encourages you to explore more without exceeding your limits.


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