How to Submit Assignment in Google Classroom?

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We all know by now that education was disrupted by a coronavirus and how most of the schools, colleges, and universities in the world had to be temporarily shut down to reduce the spread of coronavirus. After the academic institutes were closed, online teaching supported the studies and classes were now being conducted on online platforms over the internet.

Teachers had to find ways to mend the study material so that they can teach online and because of that the number of assignments students usually submitted during physical classes was now increased as teachers used these assignments to give out marks and students had to turn in almost the double of what they used to. Now the problem was how the students are going to submit their assignments as they had to on the daily basis, emailing the assignments was an option but it is difficult to handle.

Google Classroom is a free online educational platform where teachers can upload tasks and students can turn in their assignments on it. It is a platform that allowed teachers and students to share study materials between them easily. Students could either upload or turn in their assignments and teachers could easily access them. Google classroom could be downloaded on both android and ios devices through the play store and app store. It could also be accessed through the web.

In Google Classroom teachers can put a due date countdown which will keep track of who and when uploaded the assignment and it will also tell who submitted the assignment after the due date. Google classroom surely made things easier but some students face difficulties in submitting their assignments because they are not used to it as all this is fairly new to them and for that, here is a guide from Instant Assignment Help UAE to turn in your assignments.


How to Submit Assignment through a Web Browser?

1. Go to through your web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

2. Sign in to Google classroom with your Gmail account.

3. Select the class you want to submit an assignment to.

4. Once you are in the class, you will find an option for classwork at the top of the dashboard, click on it.

5. After clicking on classwork you will find all the assignments you have to submit and then chose the one you want to submit for by click on ‘View assignment’.

6. You will get an option of ‘Your Work’, click on it, and choose whether you want to add the assignment file or create the assignment.

7. Upload your assignment via the files you uploaded on Google drive, attach files from your computer/mobile phone, or share the link to your assignments. You can attach multiple files. Click on ‘Turn in’ to finally submit it.


Don’t forget to recheck if you have turned in the assignment successfully just to make sure.


How to Submit Assignment through the Mobile App?

1. Firstly download the Google classroom app from the app store if you have an ios device or from the play store if you are an android user.

2. Open the app and sign in to your Gmail account linked to Google classroom.

3. Choose the class you want to submit an assignment for.

4. Now unlike the web browser, you will find classwork on the bottom of your mobile screen. Tap on it to look at all the assignments.

5. Choose the assignment you are turning in for and you will see an expandable ‘Your Work’ card at the bottom of your screen, expand it.

6. You will find ‘Add attachment’ after expanding the card. Tap on it and options of how you want to upload the file will open.

7. Choose whether you want to upload your assignment file via Google drive, through your phone memory, or link.

8. Tap on ‘Turn in’ and your assignment would be submitted. Recheck if everything went smoothly.


Google classroom has other features as well. You are not only restricted to uploading your assignment but you can actually create one then and there. When you click on ‘Add attachment’ or ‘Add or create’, you will have the options for ‘New documents’ (word file), ‘New slides’ (PPT), ‘New sheets’ (Excel), and ‘New PDF’. You can easily create an assignment and turn it in.

Google classroom also allows you to unsubmit your assignment. If you uploaded a wrong assignment or you want to change anything in it, you can unsubmit your assignment. After you have turned in the assignment you will now have the option to unsubmit it in place of ‘Turn in’, in ‘Your work’ section. You can simply unsubmit the assignment then upload the right one or add some changes to your existing one. Resubmitting will be done the same way as explained earlier.

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