How To Spot The Leading Trends For Stylish Floors

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Before undertaking your hunt for new flooring in Calgary, it helps to spot the leading flooring trends. Sometimes you set your sights on flooring ideas that have already become too passe. They can have a negative impact on your investment. Here we look at the hottest flooring trends to help ensure you don’t settle on something less stylish!

Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

When looking for affordable flooring options, Calgary homeowners often gravitate towards laminate. However, new wood look vinyl flooring is giving laminate a run for its money. Vinyl offers many benefits including:

     Stunning, natural-looking tones and grains that are very convincing

     Softer underfoot than laminate or hardwood

     Easier installation

     More applications for both practical and design appeal

     Worry-free maintenance

Today’s vinyl manufacturers have responded to rising trends, appealing to a far wider audience. You can find something for every room in the house at a fraction of the cost of other flooring options. Deeply textured and long-wearing, this trend is sure to continue to make headway in the home décor forum!

Versatile Porcelain Tile

If you are looking for an affordable way to introduce stone into your flooring, the versatility of porcelain tile could be the perfect solution. Marble and other high-end stone tiles are extremely expensive, not to mention quite high maintenance. However, you can get the same look and even the same feel of stone and marble with today’s on-trend porcelain. Ideal for a long list of applications, porcelain in marble and stone designs are an excellent option for:


     Main floor halls



     Laundry rooms

Stone look porcelain Calgary homeowners choose opens the doors of opportunities for low-budget projects with high-end appeal. The very natural-looking replicas are also available in wood patterns, right down to a very convincing textured grain. You can achieve a classic, elegant look, or even add a bit of edge to more modern aesthetics with porcelain.

Sustainably Sourced Flooring

Even if you aren’t as focused on the environment as most, from an aesthetic standpoint, sustainable flooring materials are making a real impression on designers and homeowners alike. Cork flooring not only looks beautiful but it also offers many benefits beyond its eco-friendly appeal:

     Hypoallergenic thanks to the natural fiber

     Provides acoustic insulation to reduce noise between rooms and levels

     Insulating properties to keep your home temperature comfortable

     Highly resistant to stains, insects, water, and mold so it can be used in any room

     Works well with radiant heating systems


Because it is so versatile and has a very unique look it can really make a statement for discerning homeowners looking for a less mainstream look.

Less Yellow Tones in Wood and Laminate

People are straying from dated yellow tones and instead are embracing tones in grays and browns. If you want lighter flooring in wood or laminate, you can also look for new “washes” that offer a weather-worn look using various finishes and production techniques from paint washes to bleaching. Another emerging trend in wood tones is red, where you’ll see a pecan shell depth of color that is warm and sophisticated.

Patterns, Patterns, and More Patterns

Patterns are making a big comeback, especially in smaller spaces. From halls to foyers and bathrooms to offices, you can expect to find a wide assortment of patterns in vinyl flooring and tiles. From elegant Haute couture-inspired herringbones to modern art-inspired geometrics and nature-influenced florals and botanicals to a more simplified pattern based on basic shapes like circles and squares, patterned flooring allows you to add a personal touch, so rooms reflect your sense of style. Look for patterns in carpeting and area rugs as well including tone-on-tone geometric textures in wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Emerging Laminate Trends

If you had your heart set on laminate, there are plenty of emerging trends in laminate that help you keep your designer edge. The traditional laminate floors are taking on new tones, grains, finishes, and even plank sizes to keep up with trends in wood flooring Calgary. This includes distressed, rustic, and intricate grains that add more texture and interest to laminate. New trends also make laminate appear more authentic than ever allowing you to mimic the elegance and high-end look of real wood without breaking the budget.

Improvements to Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is often overlooked as many people don’t even know it exists. This is a close second to hardwood, yet it is more low-maintenance and affordable. Like laminate, it is improving every year, with new advancements that make it not only look better but wear better. Handscraped engineered wood offers stunning detail offering a more handcrafted appearance to each individual plank. As well, water-resistant products make it more versatile so you can even use it in areas like bathrooms. 

Keeping up with these trends will help you find fabulously stylish flooring for your next home décor project.

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