How to Sleep With a Body Pillow

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The key to creating the foremost of your body pillow is knowing the way to use it properly. Body pillows are meant to supply extra support to your back, head, and neck beyond what a typical pillow can provide. If you’ve never used a body pillow before, knowing where to place your head, arms, and legs could seem complicated. during this article, we discuss the way to roll in the hay a body pillow and therefore the benefits you’ll gain from doing so.

Types of Body Pillows and the way to Use Them

The various shapes of body pillows are meant to accommodate different needs, body types, and bed sizes. While rectangular and cylindrical pillows are the foremost common, you’ll also find body pillows shaped like J, U, or C. You won’t have room for any extra pillows on your bed if you’re employing a C or U-shaped body pillow because they’re long and when fully “unrolled,” they leave little room for other objects within the bed.


Rectangular body pillows are commonly found in bedding stores or online. the quality size measures 20 inches by 54 inches and is suitable for many adults of average height. Those taller than 6 feet may have longer pillows to hide the space between their chest and ankles.

How to use: Wrap your arm round the pillow to alleviate pressure off your shoulder. Also, place the pillow between your knees to take care of your spine’s neutral alignment. Avoid placing your entire leg on the body pillow because this might cause back pain. Read more : cooling pillow king size


These narrow pillows are a superb option once you don’t have much room in your bed. Cylindrical pillows need less space than rectangular pillows, but they serve an equivalent purpose (to take pressure off the shoulders). they’re available in several sizes, too, so you’ll choose one supported your height.

How to use: Wrap your arm round the pillow while placing it in between your knees.


U-shaped pillows are most ordinarily used for head, neck, and back support. These full-body pillows are popular for pregnant women because they prevent rolling to the rear sleeping position, which is discouraged during pregnancy.

With the growing belly, back sleeping becomes difficult during pregnancy. It also can aggravate back pain and limit blood supply to the fetus. Sleeping on your side improves blood circulation and through pregnancy, this keeps the fetus healthy. U-shaped pillows are big in order that they are often used either on a queen or a king bed.


How to use: Place your head on the curve of the U and hug one among its arms, while the opposite arm supports your back, preventing you from back sleeping. A U-shaped pillow may be a combination of a pillow and two body pillows joined together.


This pillow seems like an oversized candy and is usually used as a pregnancy pillow. J-shaped pillows don’t need the maximum amount space as U-shaped pillows, making them perfect for those sleeping on smaller mattress sizes who need an equivalent benefits (neck, head, and back support).

How to use: Rest your head on the curled end, while placing the straight end between your legs.


C-shaped pillows are often employed by side sleepers who want front and back support, but don’t have enough space for a U-shaped pillow.

How to use: Place the curve of the C towards your back therefore the top end supports your head and neck, while rock bottom end supports your thighs. Tuck rock bottom end between your thighs.

Fill Material utilized in Body Pillows


When choosing the proper body pillow, consider the fill material since what’s inside the pillow determines its firmness and breathability. Body pillows can contain down, memory foam, polyester, latex, or air.

·         Down: Down refers to the soft feathers found beneath the wings and within the belly region of ducks and geese. This natural material is soft and warm, but it’s going to not be an honest option for those susceptible to allergies. Sometimes dust particles remain within the down, despite washing them. These particles trigger symptoms like wheezing, pharyngitis , or skin irritation.

·         Down Alternative/ Polyester: This commonly used synthetic material is additionally the smallest amount expensive of all fill types. The firmness of the pillow depends on the quantity of fill stuffed in it.

·         Memory Foam: Memory foam pillows soften in response to body heat, conforming to your curves. The dense structure of memory foam that gives pressure relief also traps heat, so if you would like a more breathable fill option, choose shredded memory foam. The shredded pieces of froth promote air circulation within the pillow, helping you sleep cooler.

·         Latex: If your priority is an eco-friendly fill, choose all-natural latex. Latex foam is bouncy while conforming to your neck and head, providing long-lasting support. The latex manufacturing process is low-waste and sustainable, and latex itself is more breathable than memory foam.

Air: Air pillows are inexpensive, but might not provide long-lasting support. Air can leak , causing sagging and eventual neck pain. We don’t recommend inflatable pillows for future use, but they’re a convenient option when traveling.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow

If you’re a side sleeper, back pain sufferer, or pregnant, best cooling pillow for side sleepers are often especially helpful because they relieve pressure points and assist you maintain spinal alignment.

Relieves Pressure Points

Sleeping on your side can form pressure points in your shoulders and hips, as these areas bear the load of your entire body during this position. Hugging a body pillow releases the strain , so you’ll comfortably sleep on your side.

Minimizes Snoring and apnea

Side sleeping is that the healthiest of all sleep positions because it’s going to prevent or reduce the consequences of snoring and apnea . If you sleep on your back or stomach, breathing problems are often aggravated; instead, use a body pillow to urge wont to sleeping on your side.

Alleviates Back Pain

Placing a body pillow between your legs maintains spinal alignment, potentially easing back pain. C- and U-Shaped body pillows offers extra support for your back, alleviating or preventing pain.


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