How to Shop the Custom Earrings for Mens?

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Many people think that earrings are a girl’s jewel piece only. But this used to be in past as many men also wear earrings as a style statement. It isn’t that difficult to balance showing the personality and coming off like a teenage rebel.

You just need to understand some of the guidelines to get ready for the first piercing, and that too in no time. These days, guys are also coming forward to express their individuality. Everyone is aware that piercings and jewelry for men are on-trend these days and that every man wants to be stylish.

No matter who you are, there are ways to wear men’s earrings. The most crucial factor to take care of while doing so is that the earring should be such that it should complement your look besides stealing the focus. Here’s how to shop for the perfect custom earrings for mens. 


Things to keep in mind while choosing earrings

While shopping for men’s earrings, everyone must bear a few things in mind. For instance, earrings should be chosen according to one’s face shape, skin tone, and outfit. It should suit your personality. Here’s an in-depth guide to select the perfect earrings for mens. 


Earrings as per skin tone 

You must match your earrings according to the skin tone and face shape. Some colors clash with your skin tone, so make sure the earrings should be such, which should grab everyone’s attention. Have a look below: 


Fair skin

If you have fair complexion, then silver and white gold will look great on you. All persons with fair skin should refrain from wearing rose gold to bring out the pink element in their skin. 


Pale skin 

The persons with pale skin should steer clear of yellow gold and opt for white or silver if they have milky skin. 


Olive skin 

It will be advantageous for the people who have olive skin as such people look great with pretty any color. 


Dark skin 

If you are a person with dark tones, then yellow gold will look vibrant and eye-catching. Besides this, silver and white gold are also great, but yellow is beyond excellence. 


Earrings as per face 

Your face shape should also be looked into account while choosing the perfect pair of earrings for yourself. Round earrings will look best on people with oblong faces. If your face is heart-shaped, then straight earrings without curves like a barbell or taper will look best on you. Curved earrings look excellent on a square face. Lastly, people with round faces should opt for square earrings. 


Personal style 

There are some earring styles to go to naturally. There are no difficult rules when it is about picking the right type of earring. It depends on the person’s style and varies from one another as all have different tastes and styles. Consequently, choose it as per your style and statement. 


Types of earrings 

Gone are the days when only the women who used to wear earrings now, men are also in the line and fashion. With the wide range of styles to choose from, one could easily find the perfect kind of earrings for men out there. Have a gaze at the different types of earrings for mens. 


Magnetic earrings 

The primary type of earrings for men are magnetic earrings. These earrings make use of magnets to keep the earrings in place and do not contain a piercing. The magnets are devised in such a way to be strong enough to lock together, but they should not be this strong as to leave you reeling in pain. Magnetic earrings leave no visible marks and can be easily put on. If you are experimenting with earrings for the first time, then this is the best one to go for. 



Like girls, guys can also rock the hoop earrings, but in mens’ case, it has to be subtle. Make sure to go for small and thin ones so that these do not hang down on your chin. 


Dangle earrings 

Check out the earrings with interchangeable charms when looking for something more than just a normal hoop earring. Some dangle earrings come with a pendant permanently attached to them. However, some have charms that can be mixed and matched for whatever look you desire. Some people also refer to this as drop earrings as the charm hangs down. 


Studs earrings 

Studs are the best choice for those just starting as they are easy to wear and are more versatile than others. This permits you to wear the earrings but with discretion. 


Novelty earrings

From smiley faces to studs, you can get novelty earrings in everything. These are available in studs and magnetic forms. You can even wear these to the workplace. 


Flesh tunnels and plugs 

You either love or hate the tunnel or plug earrings. These earrings are available in cylindrical shapes and are not desirable to be worn at the workplace. So be cautious if you are thinking around it. 


Clip-on earrings 

As the name indicates, you need to clip these earrings on your earlobes. If you are looking for something without piercing your earrings, nothing can be best other than this, as clip earrings permit you to wear them without getting your ears pierced. 



The next type of earrings for mens are the tapers. As the name suggests, these earrings taper to a certain point and usually fit the larger earlobe. You can get these earrings in a wide variety of colors. 



Barbell earrings are meant for those with body piercings. As far as other body parts are involved, then these come straight. But for the ears, barbell earrings come in curved or horseshoe shapes. There is no doubt that these are bolder choices than others and give out a rock n roll vibe. 


Gemstones and pearls 

Pearls and colored gemstones are self-explanatory and are popular with most of the ladies out there. Despite being eye-catching, there’s a danger of looking blingy, and that it distracts you from the overall personality. Instead of this, opt for a diamond stud if you are after getting the bling to look only. 


Wear earrings with the style 

Earrings must work with your look as well as with other accessories. The outfit seems like ice cream, and the accessories are like the cherries on the top. 


Coordinate with outfit 


Choose the earrings as per your outfit. For instance, with funky and casual clothes, match playful and colorful earrings. Contrary to this, if it is formal and business attire, wear subtle designs with it. 


Keep them small 

The size of earrings should be according to your personality. But prefer to keep it small and directly proportional to your body. It is so as large and bulky earrings look off balance both physically and stylistically. 


Match metals 

Irrespective of the size of earrings, these should be matched to other accessories like metal or color. 


When is the right time to wear earrings? 

Usually, earrings cannot be considered formal or casual, but this does not pave the way for you to roll up with a gold hoop to a business meeting. As a result, it is vital to take into account the occasion and consider other factors. 

Not every boss and office environment will appreciate your stylish side. If this is the scenario with you, you can showcase your personality with a statement tie or pocket square. It is something that gets accepted easily and is less controversial. 



Keeping in mind all these things, one should also get the earrings made on custom as this will define your look and make you look different and unique from everyone. These custom earings for mens will change your outlook. 


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