How To Set up Face book Video Ads and Insights to get more views

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If you are an active Facebook user, You might notice your Facebook feed and that occupied with video content. Facebook has 1billion users and your one of them. Facebook video content marketing rapidly increasing day by day. If you shift Facebook video ads, it will increase your lead rate.

In this article, I will explain to you the following  points,

1. What are Facebook video ads

2. Why you should run Facebook ads

3. How to set up Facebook video ads

4. Tips to create ultimate Facebook videos and to get quality views on your video

What are Facebook video ads:

As you think Facebook videos are Facebook video advertisements in the format of video. Instead of using images and colorful text, you need to create a video according to your requirements or you can take the help of an experienced video graphic designer. After creating stunning videos, you need to upload your video into the Facebook native video player. Where you can set a budget and select targeted users according to your business requirements.

Why you should use Facebook video Ads:

Facebook video promotions are the most ideal approach to guarantee individuals remember your video /brand and return to your site. Video isn’t simply moving on Facebook, it’s a system that attempts to draw in and convert site visitors, to push leads down the funnel in email advertising efforts, and to fuel commitment over numerous social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, (which has in a real sense constructed an informal community dependent on live video real-time).

How to set up Facebook Video Ads:

If you understand the importance of Facebook video ads, Let’s get started and if you already running Facebook ads, the process is quite similar.

Step 1

Navigate to the top of your Facebook profile page and click on “Create Ads.”

Step 2

Click on  the campaign objective “Get video views.”

Step 3

Define your audience(I mean which type of audience you are targeting), budget, and ad schedule.

Step 4:

Make your promotion! This is the place where the great starts.

You’ll see there are a couple of alternatives to fabricate your delightful video. You can upload a video, peruse your library, or make a slideshow with pictures. Much of the time you’ll need to get a pre-made video from your desktop dashboard or promote a video that you recently posted.

Observe Facebook’s prescribed video specs before uploading to guarantee the most excellent viewer experience. A differing configuration could bring about helpless playback or dark bars if your viewpoint proportion is off.

Step 5.

Lastly, customize the copy above your video that you made, preview it, and watch your video views soar.

Few Important insight to create stunning Facebook  video ads:

Advertise video content that’s performed well elsewhere

Focus on and gain from your video details

Use CPM offering to guarantee your advertisements are on auto play

Get granular with your audience

Show videos that don’t require sound

Get to the point quickly

I hope you all like this article and I would love to hear your comments in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends. Share with us your Facebook video ads experiences.

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