How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

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Electric skateboards are a new technology that is sweeping the nation as people are seen searching for Electric Longboard. The reason might be they offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional, gas-powered boards. Electric skateboards have been around for years but they were never very popular with consumers because of their high price points and lack of power.

However, now with newer models coming out at affordable prices, more people are starting to take notice. What once seemed like a fad has now become a staple in many households across America as more people are turning away from cars in favour of electric skateboards. With so much demand for this product, it’s no wonder that there are now several brands on the market today!

This blog post will give you all the information to help you ride an electric skateboard and contribute your part in making the world eco-friendly.

So How to Ride an Electric Skateboard :

 – Initial Safety Tips when Riding Electric Skateboards

When you’re deciding to buy an electric skateboard, it’s important to do your research. Electric boards can be a great way for people of all ages and skill levels to get around town, but there are safety precautions that you need to take before riding one. Read below to know some initial safety tips when it comes to riding electric skateboards so that you have peace of mind while getting from one place to the next.

       Always wear a helmet to protect your head. It helps you to save your head when unfortunately you will face an accident. 

       Wear your elbow pads, wrist pads, and knee pads to protect your body. These types of equipment help you to prevent injuries and stretches when you suddenly fall off the skateboard. 

       You can also wear an armoured jacket where pads are built in the jackets. This jacket will also save the back and rib cage of your body from any unexpected incident. 

       Ride within your limit. Limit your speed and understand the control on your remote functions and board accelerations. 

       Get led light or blow-in night pants for night riding. You can use skate headlights and different led lights for decoration purposes too. 

       Make sure you are only riding on a dry and paved road or sidewalks. Avoid riding in icy or rainy weather. Try to ride when there is no traffic, where you feel safe. 

       Always buy a good-quality electric skateboard. There are a lot of old sources but you can overview its material quality description wisely whether you buy your electric longboard for sale or online and stores.

Techniques to Ride an Electric Skateboards

Here we’ll go over a few techniques that will help you learn the basics of speed control when riding an electric board.

·         Electric boards require coordination and balance. You can’t just jump on it and expect to be good at controlling the speeds in less than five minutes.  It takes practice!

·      To get started with your first attempt, begin by attaching your front foot near where the trucks meet the deck — not too far back or forward.

Find your Comfortable Stance

·         If you’re standing between 12 o’clock & two o’clock, your stance is too wide. If you’re standing between one & three o’clock, it’s probably okay. Try to find a comfortable middle ground where both are facing forward with equal weight on each foot. Your front foot should be just slightly in front of the rear when looking straight down from above

·         Remember that this position will change depending on what method of riding you use! You can also see how adjusting your body weight changes your board’s speed.

·         Furthermore, when learning these techniques keep one thing in mind: weight distribution! Any time you lean forward, your board will accelerate.

·         Whenever you sit back on the tail of the board (or put your weight on it), speed is reduced or even stopped.

·         The more leverage you have over the rear trucks, the faster they’ll turn.

Learn how your Board Works with the Remote

The first thing to know is that the remote control can power your board on and off. Your electric skateboard consists of a battery, motor, controller, and trucks with wheels mounted on it. The truck connects to the deck or platform where you stand while riding. You will not be able to use your electric skateboard without one because it weighs too much for you to push around by hand!

·         Pressing down on both red paddles tells your board’s controller what speed level you want: slow (level 0), medium-low (level -30%), and medium-high (-60%) and fast (+100%).

·         If you press only one paddle once then release it quickly…you have turned the headlight ON or OFF.

·         If you press both paddles for more than one second then release them…you have turned the board’s brakes ON or OFF. This is very useful when you are on a hill and want to slow down without using your feet!

·         Pressing both red paddles while turning it will make your Electric skateboard spin in circles! Have fun, but be careful not to lose balance by doing this too much because if you do fall off it can cause injury. Safety first always with our electric boards, right?

As long as you keep these things in mind that we just went over than riding should come naturally to anybody who wants to give this sport a try at least once before they decide whether or not they like it.

Understand your Skateboard Setup

Every skateboard has a different setup. With the evolved boards in particular you can do a lot of customization in your eclectic skateboard. Getting clear about your skateboard setup is convenient. You have to know where the traction point is, how they concern you, and can you feel the sensation of these points. Understanding these subjects make your riding a lot better and you will have a safe experience riding an eclectic skateboard. 

You are a beginner and you have to ride an electric skateboard. Just practice this drill of just accelerating and brake to understand the acceleration points and brake techniques clearly. It makes riding an electric skateboard experience easier and smoother.

It sounds different but it is important to have a good hand experience to ride an electric skateboard. 

Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Skateboard

Keep your Bearing Clean and Lubricated

Due to speed and acceleration, riding an electric skateboard can take a quiet beating mostly when you are riding off-road. So if we are talking about maintenance that is always bearing. 

You have to make sure that your electric skateboard bearings are clean and quite lubricated. It will make a world different for smooth riding especially if there is a lot of dirt and grime on the road.

Pump up Your Tires

Suppose a day when you are riding in an all-terrain configuration and you feel that the board is a little bit slow. Sometimes it will be a motor issue but mostly, in the end, it causes a tire issue that was not pumped up enough. 

Simply like a car or bike make sure that your skateboard is perfectly and fully pumped up when you start your ride on an electric skateboard. Keep your AT tire pressure at 40 to 50 PSi to have awesome performance.

Charge your Electric Skateboard and Remote at the Same Time 

This is the smartest tip to have organized riding without facing any technical hurdles. Most people remember to charge their board after all but they usually forget to charge their remotes. Remember to charge your board and remote at the same time to have full preparation to ride an electric skateboard.


To conclude, we will suggest you to always look in the direction where you want to go when you ride an electric skateboard. Avoid distracting when you have a smooth or faster tempo while riding an electric skateboard. If you shift your mind to look at a tree that’s where you end up riding. Always keep your mind proactive in your performing activity. Keep your eyes up to understand your teens and go through it.

Hopefully, you would have a good experience riding an electric skateboard following the tips, tricks and techniques mentioned in this blog post. 

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