How to Renew your FSSAI License: Easy and Quick Ways

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What do we mean by Renewal of FSSAI License?

The act of extending a license, certificate, or contract’s validity period. Food business operators (FBO) are regulated since they deal with essential aspects of life, such as food. Food Safety And Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations 2011 is the name of the regulation. It stipulates that all FBOs must seek registration or a license from the FSSAI before engaging in food business activity.


When you get your FSSAI certificate, it comes with a one-year validity period, with the opportunity to renew the license for up to five years. Once the validity of the FSSAI license expires, it is critical that Food Business Operators apply for a food license renewal in order to keep their operations running smoothly.

Procedure for Renewal of FSSAI License

The process of renewing an FSSAI license is simple and can be completed in one of two ways:


  1. FSSAI Renewal Offline 

  2. FSSAI Renewal Online 

FSSAI Renewal Offline 

The following actions can be completed offline to renew your food license:


  • The FSSAI license can be renewed by filling out the FORM A or FORM B, depending on whether the food business is eligible for a specific type of license.

  • Attach a self-attested declaration to comply with the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act Authority receives your application, reviews and examines it, and organises for an examination of the FBO’s operational premises in line with the regulations.

  • Once the inspection officer is satisfied that the FBO’s regulations have been followed, the application and inspection report will be approved.

  • The authorities will grant a renewal of the food license in about 60 days. If the FSSAI renewal is not provided within 60 days of the application being submitted, the FBO can continue to operate without having to go through the renewal process.

FSSAI Renewal Online

A FBO must follow the steps below in order to renew their FSSAI license online.

  • Visit the Food Licensing Authority’s government website.

  • Create an account by logging in or creating a new one.

  • By clicking on the appropriate links, you can apply for renewal.

  • Documents must be uploaded.

  • After successfully submitting the application, you will be issued an application reference number that you may use to track the status of your application for a food license renewal.

Checking for compliance

FSSAI organises for an examination of your registered FBO’s facilities to check for compliance with requirements when you apply to renew your FSSAI license.

A Food Safety Officer inspects the regulations established by FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act.

The officer looks for things including compliance, product quality, working conditions, and the operators’ food handling techniques. The Food Safety Officer assigns/marks the FBO’s compliance levels in this regard as follows:

  • Compliance(C)

  • Non-Compliance(NC)

  • Partial Compliance

  • Not Applicable/Not Observed Partial Compliance (NA)

Documents for FSSAI License Renewal

In order to successfully renew their food licence, an FBO must present a number of documentation. Here are the documents you’ll need to meet the FSSAI Certificate’s varied eligibility requirements.



Basic FSSAI License Renewal


  • Photograph of Applicant Passport Size


  • Proof of Identification (voter ID or Aadhar Card )


  • PAN card (Personal Identification Number)


  • (Telephone or Mobile Bill/ Electricity or Gas Bill) Address Proof 


  • Property Papers Copies (If owned)


  • a copy of the lease agreement and the landlord’s no-objection certificate (if rented property)


State FSSAI License Renewal

  • The complete address and contact information for the Society’s List of Proprietors/Partners/Directors/Executive Members


  • Applicant’s most recent passport-sized photograph


  • Proof of identification (Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card)


  • PAN Card (Personal Identification Number)


  • In the case of cooperatives, a copy of the firm’s partnership deed, MOA, or AOA, or a copy of the certificate received under the Co-Operative Act, 1861.


  • a copy of the lease agreement and the landlord’s no-objection certificate (if rented property)


  • NOC from the manufacturer (in the event of a distributor) / NOC from the municipality or other local authority


  • The DGFT has issued an E-Code document (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)


  • The Company’s Form IX Nomination of Persons, as well as the Board Resolution


FSSAI License Renewal of Manufacturing and Processing Units

  • The processing unit’s blueprint design / layout plan shows the size in meters/square metres and the operation-by-operation area distribution.


  • Name and number of pieces of equipment and machinery, as well as installed capacity and horsepower.


  • List of food categories that should be produced.


  • Letter of Authority from the manufacturer’s designated responsible person, including name and address, as well as an alternate responsible person, stating the authorities vested in them, such as aiding the officers in inspections, sample collecting, packing, and dispatch.


  • A report from a recognized/public health laboratory on the chemical and bacterial analysis of water to be used as an ingredient in food.

Renewal of a food license after it has expired and the consequences

  • If the application for FSSAI license renewal is not submitted within the given period, a fee of Rs. 100 will be charged for each day the application is late. If a renewal license is not applied for within the stipulated period, it is considered expired, and a new license must be applied in order for the business to continue operating. To prevent the penalty, it is recommended that the license be renewed on time.


  • The registration or license will continue in effect until such time as orders on the renewal application are approved, which must not be more than 30 days after the registration or license expires.


  • If you do not want to attract any fine, then keep your FSSAI license latest. You are advised to renew your FSSAI license before its expiry and it is constantly better to apply for FSSAI registration renewal, the time you receive the notification.


  • You must go for FSSAI registration revival 30 days before the expiration of the license to evade the charges of late renewal of food license.

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