How to Practice Proper Challenge Coin Etiquette

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Challenge coins have a rich and storied history that in some opinions dates back to World War I. Though these coins are mostly associated with the military, they can be custom made too.

Owing to its rich association with the military, challenge coins are a symbol of honor and brings a sense of camaraderie and belonging to the group. These coins are still used by the military for several special occasions, such as, completing training or achieving something important. They can be presented to an individual or a group.

Receiving a challenge coin is an honor and it has some specific rules to be followed by the receiver at all times. Following the rules associated with challenge coins mean that you are respecting and honoring the rich tradition that is associated with these coins.

Challenge Coin Etiquette

Challenge coins are items of honor and must be treated as such. Some specific rules are always to be maintained to show respect to the time-tested tradition that brings camaraderie to the table. These rules are as follows:

·        It’s upon the giver to explain the rules of the game to the recipient. It’s rude to call out a challenge if the rules are not known before it.

·        You need to carry your coin at all times and keep it close because challenges can be called out anywhere and at any time. You can take only four steps at any time to reach your coin.

·        The challenger must clarify whether the challenge is for one drink or a round of drinks.

·        When a challenge is called, a person must show his coin. Failing to do that will require him to buy drinks.

·        If every challenged manages to produce their coins, it’s up to the challenger to buy drinks.

·        Never, ever hand anyone your coin in response to a challenge. Doing so is equivalent to giving him the coin away. You can place the coin on the table and anyone who wants to examine it is honor-bound to return it to its original location.

·        On the off chance that you lose your coin, it’s up to you to replace it as soon as possible. Losing your coin doesn’t grant you immunity from the rules of the game.

·        There are no exceptions to these rules, no matter if you are wearing clothes or not, you can take just four steps to reach your coin.

·        A challenge coin is not a piece of jewelry, so do not use it as one. Do not use it for say, belt-buckles or necklace. Or do not drill holes in your coin.

·        You must keep possession of your coin at all times. It indicates honor and you must just not give it away to any person.

·        These rules apply to anyone who owns a coin or anyone who buys a coin.

These are the rules of challenge coins and apply to everyone who owns one. Following these rules only mean that you show your respect to the tradition associated with them and also to the organization you belong to.

Custom challenge coins can be manufactured as well, and if you are looking for coins to present to someone on some special occasion, you can always connect with us. We are in this field for quite some time now and can build unique and excellent designs for your custom coins.

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