How to optimize your website for lead generation in 2021

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How to optimize your website for lead generation in 2021

Lead Generation is a common word in marketing. Without leads a company will not have the opportunity to convert prospects into customers.

But what is lead generation?

Why is it important for a business?

How can you optimize your website for generating and converting leads?

Get answers for these questions and learn more about lead generation through website optimization here.

What is a lead?

A lead is anyone who is interested in a company’s products or services. They hear from a business organization after they have opened a communication via submitting their personal information for offers, product information or subscriptions.

Why is lead generation important for business?

A company without leads is a sitting duck. Businesses that are entirely dependent on customer revenue like restaurants and retailers need leads to keep their doors open. Without leads you cannot increase revenue and growth. Without proper lead gen strategies, you cannot grow your business. There are many ways to generate leads, but the best is to optimize your website for conversions. This will help to avoid annoying potential customers with cold calls when they are busy.

Designing a lead generating website is not overwhelming or time-consuming. When you design and develop your website consider this:

“Don’t think of your leads as “Leads.” Instead think of them as people who are frustrated because understanding and buying your product is too hard. Your job is to make it easy for them to learn your product and get started.”
– Andy Pitre, VP of Product, HubSpot.

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1. Add forms on every page

Add small forms other than what you will have on the Contact Page. Having forms to collect info is essential. But when you have frequent forms, try to ask for a minimum of details. You can ask for a phone number or an email id with which you can follow up later. Sometimes customers do not like to share much of their personal information at the very first step.

2. Include Testimonials with photos

Use social proofs to increase conversions. The more the better. Add them on consulting pages, product page or on case study page with images. It allows people to build trust in you. This works best for e-commerce websites. The best example is the review page of Amazon. People often see the stars and read the comments before they buy online.

But make sure that they are meaningful. They have to be specific about how it solved their problem. Freaky comments like “awesome product” does not add much value and the user may even start doubting the authenticity of the statement.

3. Add in strong CTAs

Keep them simple but powerful. Start with your Home page. Consumers prefer their browsing to be non-intrusive generally but if your content is appealing you can easily tempt them to at least make an enquiry or subscribe for updates.

Bring them into your loop with Try us for free buttons. If you’re providing gifts or discounts make them very clearly visible. At the end of every active product demo, follow up with the user to get insights. Personalize CTAs. On page personalization helps in generating more leads. Stats show that personalized CTA convert 42% more visitors than basic calls-to-action.

4. Develop a Live Chat

Live chat is the leading digital content method. Greet the customers with a chatbot message. Create a menu and ask the customer what they want. Add links to your product page and prices. Use the captured data to your advantage. When the user gets back to your website, make the conversation more personalized. You can allow a “Hi Dhoni ! Welcome back” to pop up. This will remind the user of their previous visit and provoke the inclination to start an enquiry.

5. Add videos that speak directly to the visitor

Insert videos that speak to the user directly. They fetch better conversions rather than videos that speak at them. Videos help the user to feel more informed about the product or service.

6. Make the most of Whitespace

Make sure that you are giving enough room between your content, image, and CTA buttons. Don’t overcrowd your website. Don’t add anything just because there is room. It will only end up as a distraction to the customer and will lower the conversion rate.

7. Turn visitors into leads using Landing Pages

Keep your landing pages simple. Use a short headline. Let the content to communicate be bulleted and not as a paragraph. Make the fields to be filled with to be a minimum. Separate individual actions so that the users don’t get distracted and can avoid going through something which is not applicable to them. Ensure that you guide them to the next actions. Have a minimally patterned background. Refer to the landing page example given below

8. Use Trust Seals

Buyers like it when they are given a guarantee and that’s why you should be including Trust Seals. But it should not be an eye-candy. It should in a way protect the customer’s purchase like a warrantee, guarantee, or identity protection, etc., otherwise it will not work as you expect.

9. Make Use of Thank You pages

When the user has submitted his details and reaches the thank you page, he is already a lead. That’s no reason to overlook this page. Here you can include the link to download the offer. Additionally, you can add social sharing buttons and forms for related products or offers. Then again is the chance of staying connected with the lead through a thank you mail. This kickback mail can be continued with other frequent mails.

10. Offer e-books on specific blogs

Organic visitors, who come through search engines to learn more about a particular topic, are often more intent on finding a solution. You can make a PDF report of such topics and allow the readers to download them for free after submitting a few pieces of information like name and email address. Use this info to kick start an email communication, nurture interest and try to convince them about your product or service.

11. Run a A/B test

Conduct an A/B test on your CTAs. When friend buy tried this, they’ve found a 211% improvement. The test includes the words used in CTAs, the layout of the landing page, or the images that can have an enormous impact.

12. Generate leads from blogs

Create helpful content. Think about what your prospects would need. The topics should be related to your industry. Include some useful tips about how your product can solve their problems.

13. Focus on the website content

Your website is your advertisement. So, create content for every funnel. Offer exclusive gated content even if it is miniscule. Ask them to sign up for a webinar. Constantly upgrade the content aligned with the subject matter. Insert some video guides. Make sure that you present your content in different formats. Regardless of the type of content, take care to add value.

14. Attract using Photos

Images pull the attention greater than the words. So, when you plan for website development, plan for suitable images also. That doesn’t mean that you can splatter images all over the web pages. Use them sparingly and with a purpose. The pictures should be used to create a personal feel like the pictures of product building, people in office, distributing supplies and so on. This will help visitors to connect with the brand. This will also provoke interest and they may start to enquire.

15. Show your product in action

Where you place the videos on your website is as important as creating them. Don’t bury them where the users cannot view. Incorporate eye-catching and important videos on your landing pages. It helps to grab attention and adds credibility. Place them also on the products and services page. This can play a crucial role in pushing the potential leads to conversions.

16. Write Effective Headlines

Strong headlines boost engagement up to 500% -shows the result of research conduct by Wired. This shows how compelling the headline can be. Some fit in naturally and some must be framed in relevance to marketing.

17. Stay mobile friendly

Website optimization gets completed only when it can be accessed from any device, especially from mobile. The forms should be easy to fill in through mobiles also. Make the buttons big and clear enough. Avoid captcha as it is problematic when accessed from mobiles.

The Wind-up

Well, there is no magic potion available for converting leads into buyers instantly. It is a process that should be carried out with personalized and frequent communication. It’s relationship building, so nurture your leads. Analyze your results periodically. As you nurture them, learn about their needs, and grow your business.

As you have learnt all the tips to optimize your website for lead generation, you can start to optimize your website. If you don’t have a website or need to optimize your website for lead generation, you can ask for help. Our expert team will contact you and will start immediately working on it.

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