How To Make Baby Bedding At Home

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Finding baby bedding or a baby blanket is a bit difficult at any store. Because the prices can be high, you can save your time and money by making a customizedor personalized baby bedding set at home. The major reason that any parent wants to make their own baby-bed is due to some specific medicinal purposes like skin sensitivities. Making your individual set may be the exclusive method you can be assured that you are guarding your baby against harmful elements that may be already in store-bought bed covers. As parents, it’s your major duty to make sure that your little one grows up in strong, healthy, and sustainable circumstances. Just as we consider their diet, physical and mental growth, we should make sure that the quality of the bed is super good and natural. So if you are a first-time parent on the outlook for the feature of bed, we are here and will try to guide you how to make baby bedding set at home.



While making a baby bed or baby blanket keep in mind that the skin of a newborn baby is sensitive and needs extra attention. When you are picking items to consume or sleep, be extra careful. A general perspective to go is weather the fabric made from regular fibers, such as linen and pure cotton, over anything artificial.Pure fabrics have unique natural characteristics that can hardly be fabricated. Both materials, linen, and cotton, are known for durability, comfort, and breathability, which means your newborn will stay dry and warm during bedtime. Besides, linen is anti-allergenic and does not support any bacteria, dust parasites, or other sources established. Cotton and linen are the ideal fabric to use in bedding for your little ones with sensitive skins and avoids allergies. 



For a full baby bedding set, you will need:

  • Different design ideas to start any baby bedding set.
  • Measure the fabric by using any tape or a ruler.
  • You will need any sewing machine with suitable threads. Machines can save your time and energy on the same time.
  • You will need some hooks and loop tapes for attachment.
  • You will need fabric glue as well if you need to paste something in the form of a design.
  • In the last step, you will need the fabric to place in your baby bedding. You can choose cotton, linen, or any other fabric accordingly to make the bedding comfortable.



·         Step 1: Measurement

For measurements, you can use any tape or scale. Make sure to add one extra inch while measurement to avoid any error. Make two rectangular pieces with the length of a mattress or baby blanket . For instance, if the bed length is 52 inches and the depth is 6 inch in length, then your size for this is 52” by 12” and add one inch extra to avoid any error.


·         Step 2: Cut & Pin

Draw measurements on the sheet with a measurement pen. You can also cut the material directly. Remember to add some extra space and pin all the sides together. 

Turn the material inside out and set it together. You do this, so when you turn it out, the pretty design will show, and the stitching line will be covered automatically.

·         Step 3: Stitching & Finishing

With the stitching device, sew all the sides that you pin. Leave a bit of space for the material you will put inside later.

Now pull out some ribbon to make the fringe and then tie the beat. Make sure you do it gradually, so you don’t mess up the arrangement or cut the thread, because if you did, then you have to do it all again.

Then use fabric glue to hold the hook or the loop side. You can utilize some paper clippers to hold the material in the correct position. At this step, you can also magnify the covers with some liners and add a flexible string to hold them to the inside of the bed. Finally, add some pad liners or associates after you cut off excess stuff if you like. Some of the confederates you could practice are strip, liners, and pearls.



With the help of this guide you can make a bedding set or baby blanket by your own. You can also do it for your baby or gift someone a handmade baby bed. You will have some fun at home and would be able to save some handsome amount of money as well. 

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