How to make a cosplay ?

how to make a cosplay
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How to make a cosplay for every one that want to have fun . To have a complete costume we must procced in steps

-Choose the Hero / Villain that you want to cosplay

Analyze the elements that form the costume

-Start creating the outfit ( check here for 3d printing files for cosplay )

How to make a cosplay – Choose the Hero / Villain

It is very important to choose some you like becouse you will stay like that the hole day. It is more fun to create a costume of a character that you like and love. It will stay with you alot of time. You will wear it in many occasions so … concentrate

How to make a cosplay – Analyze the elements that form the costume

This is a crucial phase. Identify the elements of a costume looks easy but its more complicated than that. Your look will depend on how you choose to create the costume or buy it .

-Buying the costume is not a bad idea but will be never a original one. Maybe other people will wear it at the same time. If you are not bothered from this thing buy the costume is the best idea. Where to find already to use costumes ? you can search amazon or if you looking for 3d files you can check

-Creating the costume is more fun. First you have to find all the pieces after you have to find the helmet ,if you have a 3d printer you can check the helmets here or check here if you looking for 3d weapons

Now after collection all the pieces and printed all the items needed it time to create the outfit.

How to make a cosplayStart creating the outfit

Creating the outfit will not be easy if you don’t know how to sew. We don’t recommend if you under 16 to make the outfit by your self. You can ask you mother or your grandmother about it, they will be glad to see their little heart having fun. If you are an adult sew some pieces together will not hurt.

How to make a cosplayPrinting your own costume

Printing your own costume can be very very satisfying. If you don’t know what printer to use you can read this article about the best 3d printer for beginners .

The printer is useful becouse helps to create more than just one costume and you can have fun create other items for the house needs.


Making your own costume can be fun. In the process you will learn many things not just to create this one but many more for all the parties or anime meetings in the future.

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