How To Keep The Indian Examination Scenario Secure?

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The Indian examination scenario has changed significantly in the last few years. The technological utility has improved examinations significantly even in the last decade. It is not surprising however that the examination scenario in India is still haunted by malpractices. The Indian exam scene is a hotbed for malpractices, at least it has been the case for a long time. Those who periodically carry out fraudulent activities in exams have again and again empowered malpractices to take place. A secure and fortified exam security solution is the need of the hour to counter these rampant acts of malpractices.

Examinations are an important affair in India, especially with the numerous competitive examinations in existence. Where some help aspirants leap into a new job opportunity, some exams catapult others to reach higher perches of their career. It is understandable, with a population that of India and limited seats every year, it can be quite competitive as the exams imply. Societal status plays a huge role in Indian society, and competitive exams are ways out for ambitious candidates. OMR sheet scanning services also needed to conduct exam smoothly.

Entrance exams for aspirants to get into engineering and medical fields are quite popular, as are numerous government level exams. No matter how the time changes, one thing has always remained constant, other than those aspiring to prove themselves for better opportunities, and that’s those who are willing to prove themselves without the knowledge to attempt these exams.

Technological advancements have pushed forward how examinations are conducted, with many aspects taking a digital turn, however, one fact remains the same – exam frauds are a constant annoyance plaguing the Indian education sector. It’s not surprising, but should be, that cheating utilising hi-tech devices are at times allowed to pass through unchecked, due to the lack of any modern means to stop them.

What Security Solutions Can Help?

There are however many ways examinations can be secured from malpractices and frauds. The best way, after all, is to go toe to toe with those who use technology to cheat. Upgrading the security measures and bringing them to the modern age could be the first step everyone involved in the examination sector can enforce. Wholly uprooting the existing security infrastructure isn’t even needed. Some of the ways examination services provider provide so that exams can be secured from modern malpractices are:


The Biometric Option

A biometric attendance system is nothing new and has been in use in various forms throughout the decades. Usually found in locations requiring from low to high-security clearance to be at. Biometrics offers a great option that can enhance any basic security arrangement when it comes to conducting exams. Biometrics if of course only one word for a whole group of devices and processes that utilise physical characteristics to determine the identity of people and authorise them for examinations

Why is this needed? Simply to stop those wishing to attend exams in place of authenticated candidates. One of the malpractices facing examinations in India is the use of syndicates that send in people to take the place of legitimate exam candidates and attend exams for them. Yes, it’s not just an activity seen in movies but has occurred many times throughout the years. What biometrics can do is, prevent this from happening, and quite possibly stop these kinds of syndicates from operating altogether. There are quite a few types of biometric devices in use, but the primary ones found almost everywhere are – Fingerprint-based, Iris-based, and Facial-recognition based. All of these biometric solutions make use of physical features to ensure only authenticated and verified candidates enter the examination centres. This solution is one of the primary security features that should be used in all exam centres.

Frisking For Safety

This is a basic security step that is perhaps the most used in all locations requiring security. The absence of trained and professional guards can however make a great difference when it comes to enforcing security. Frisking physically can be quite intrusive and ineffective at times when facing electronic devices used for cheating such as BlueTooth devices and others. Sussing out these devices requires a more efficient tool, that being, a metal detector. The great thing about metal detectors is the variety it comes in. The exam conducting agencies can have handheld metal detectors on hire and employ guards to make use of them. This creates a bottleneck for anyone with plans to cheat using modern technology. Beyond using handheld variants, even door-frame metal detectors can help guarantee nothing that’s not allowed goes through.


Keeping An Eye With CCTVs

These devices are quite a common sight and solution used by secure locations. Beyond acting as a deterrent and keeping any would-be rule-breaker, it acts as a way to keep a record of events between specific times. In examinations, this is a crucial step in securing its sanctity and exam conducting agencies make use of CCTV camera on rent just for this purpose. There is always a risk that candidates with the intent to cheat will enter the centre with the means even through tight security measures.

The right tool to deter any such activity comes in the form of a CCTV camera. These devices along with the presence of exam invigilators can ensure that exam sessions are always cheating-free. CCTVs keep an eye on the exam centre from all corners. Some CCTVs can even broadcast this data to a central control centre. In case the exam conducting agency is holding exams in numerous locations, these CCTVs can help control the situation.



Maintaining a secure examination session is not only a testament to the sanctity of the exams in question. It also increases the trust and confidence in exam bodies and related exams. In a country where the people hold education and examinations in such high regard, maintaining high security is a basic necessity. There are many ways modern technology can help but the primary concern will always be the human element. That is why an exam body should always make use of those with a professional calibre. Improving and maintaining high standards of exam security will promote a healthy competition for education. It will also help Indian society in the long run.



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