How to keep my car clean? – Auto logy Tips

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A clean car is a happy car.

Products to keep your car flawless.

Keeping our car clean is something that undoubtedly gives us satisfaction if we are car lovers. It can even function as an escape, to go out to the garage and give it the care it deserves. Click here to be redirected to buy used Mercedes Benz s500 AMG in the UK.

These 5 products are essential to keep your car squeaky clean, and you can find most of them in a supermarket.

5. Vinyl protector

It is important to protect the interior plastics and vinyl from ultraviolet rays, otherwise we will end up with a cracked or broken dashboard, ask the owner of a Volkswagen Pointer.


Look for a protector that doesn’t feel greasy, as this only attracts more dust and dirt and ends up scratching or damaging surfaces. Most of these products have chemicals that restore plastics, so you will have a 2 × 1 action.

4. Indoor shampoo

When our car is for family use, it is common for the carpets or upholstery of the seats to have fingerprints of the smallest of the house with ice cream or sweets, and that is where we will use the shampoo.


This product only has to be left a few minutes on the stains, and then we will clean with a damp cloth to remove the dirt and voila, clean clothes.

3. Polish for metals

Door handles are a point of contact that always end up being scratched by endless circumstances, so it never hurts to restore their shine with a metal polish.


This accessory for our car is usually found in the form of a paste, which we will apply in a circular way on the scratches with a microfiber cloth and then remove it with another semi-wet cloth.

2. Paint protector

How many times have we not wanted our car to be as freshly washed for days and days? With a paint protector you could keep dust or dirt particles away for longer and keep it clean for longer.


In general, this type of protection can be used on any type of paint.

1. Glass cleaning liquid

An item that many people look down on, but it is too useful. The glass cleaner liquid can get us out of trouble in situations where for some reason our view of the windshield is blocked by mud or some other material.


In addition, some of these fluids have a special protection so that when you go out on the road insects do not get mud on the windshield and thus ensure a full vision when driving.


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How to keep my car clean? – Auto logy Tips

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