How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos

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Video has proved itself as one of the most popular roots of media online. By the beginning of YouTube in 2006, several have taken to the video hosting website to distribute their content to gain exposure & establish a following. YouTube allows an immense platform for its user support, which over the years has made many videos world-renowned. YouTube has created careers for several content producers also increasingly represents a tremendous part for start-ups regarding gaining exposure.

Whether you require to produce videos to educate, entertain, or promote, certain steps are advised to be followed to obtain the most out of your YouTube videos.

Steps to increase view on your YouTube videos

Step 1 – Creating Content

The first step when creating content for YouTube videos remains to know your target demographic. Is it intended for the general audience? Or is it intended for football enthusiasts? Establishing this will serve you down the line while you go on to boost your videos. Never try to create anything out of your expertise simply because “there remains a wider audience for it”.

The most important thing is to have fun: your passion will be reflected through your content. Always remember to take your time and put in 100% effort in your work. Strive to provide your viewers a compelling purpose to watch your content.

Secondly, always be ready for harsh criticism. The online viewer base has nothing to dissipate so they WILL be harsh. Utilize the feedback intelligently and learn to overlook the trolls. Most of the time, the feedback you get from your audience signifies golden because it will be the truth; it will not be sugar-coated the way your parents give their feedback.

Once your content is ready, the next step is the process of uploading.

Step 2 – Uploading

When it proceeds to upload the video, there are minor aspects that are often neglected like the file size, resolution, etc. The first thing to double-check signifies to ensure that your video is well-edited; lazy editing can—moreover will—cause backlash from your viewer base as it shows a shortage of effort. You should constantly strive to set the most desirable standards; simple things such as color correction can take you greatly.

If you require to leave messages like “subscribe” or “follow” in the YouTube videos, assure that you attach them precisely to the credit sequence. Avoid utilizing annotations on YouTube as most utmost users toggle annotations off at the start of a video. What’s more, is that annotations signify not supported on mobile devices.

Always take care when choosing the title of your video: this is one of the most important factors that will attract viewers in. Think about how people would stumble upon the video if they were to manually search for that. Thumbnails are also a very important factor, as a well-presented thumbnail will catch the attention of the viewer base and motivate them to check out your video. Retain to keep the thumbnail related to your content—an irrelevant thumbnail will simply draw criticism.

Ultimately, when writing up tags for the videos, make sure specific tags are in quotations; that will make your tags in topics moreover it will assist make your video more relevant while certain tags are utilized in search engines.

Step 3 – Networking

For new YouTubers, this step remains the most important part of expanding the view count. A simplistic marketing strategy will benefit you obtain more exposure; connecting the YouTube account to social profiles like Facebook Instagram, and Twitter will benefit you to share the video more easily. Reach out to related YouTubers with a related subscriber base to cross-promote or cooperate. Look for blogs either forums that include the same content as the videos moreover try to get it published.

Interact with any of your viewers if they reach you. Strengthening communication moreover making it simple for them to reach out to you will assist to build up inadequate relationships moreover a loyal viewer base.


Consistency is very crucial since possible new viewers will judge whether to stick around or not by just the quality of your videos. So be consistent in quality, moreover, put your 100% effort into every video. If you begin slacking, it will be indicated through your videos moreover your audience will reach you.

Conclusion: How to Rank YouTube Videos

Reading this article will have you made a clear call to learn to a lot about YouTube SEO and I hope you feel like you’ve a better idea of some handy techniques to optimize YouTube videos for Google search as well as YouTube search.

Although, it is not that different from regular and ofcourse traditional SEO practice and this guide explains exactly the same everything you need to know about YouTube SEO.

So, finally it ends here and you have all your say about it.

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