How to Improve Customer Loyalty through User Experience

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Have you ever judged associating with a brand because of how the website looked? If the website design looks bad or shady, there is chance of customers leaving. This feeling is user experience. User experience is necessary to improve customer experience. With better customer experience, customers enhance their satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal. When trust is established between customers and company, there is better trust. This trust leads to an improved brand experience. A customer in today’s world is very knowledgeable and aware of products, quality, competitor options, and customer experience. Mobile apps and websites are prominent in improving user experience. This will improve customer loyalty. This shows that user experience is become important by the day.

What is User Experience?

User experience is what a customer perceives about design. It seeks to provide the customer better experiences. The components of UX include usability, design, look, and function. This experience is primary and necessary to create a seamless experience. Companies with better seamless experiences will stand out from the crowd. This will make them unique in their market positioning.

Key Factors Influencing User Experience

  • Usability: every website or app needs to be usable. Mistakes are bound to be there. They should be fixed so as to make user experience easy and glitch-free.
  • Findability: Various aspects on the website need to be easy to find. One need to spend a lot of time on finding specific products or services.
  • Reliability: customers need to be able to rely on the website. This is necessary to make sure they do not hesitate to go to other competitors.

Customer Loyalty and UX 

Customer loyalty needs to be defined by keeping the user’s positive experience in mind. When people choose your brand, they need to know that you are better off at meeting their tastes, requirements, and needs. With a good UX design, it is possible to make sure customer loyalty is ensured. Optimising customer experience through user experience will ensure increased subscription, better opportunities, and more loyalty. Here are some aspects of how a good UX will improve customer loyalty.

Improved service 

Customers facing a good UX will encounter better service. There is ease of access and convenience for customers. This better service is important to increase customer loyalty. Improved service is critical for customer retention. When service is better, customers want to stick on and not move on to other competitors.

Better relationships 

A stellar UX design will show customers you care about their experience. This matters while they choose to do business with you. It shows that a tailor made experience for customers will help them stay retained with the business for long. Improved relationships are also enhanced because of good UX.


Customers will always love rewards. These may be points, coupons, miles or anything. This will ensure that they keep returning to the site. When these points are accumulated, they can be processed as rewards and stay loyal.

Streamlined processes 

Good UX design will ensure that customer processes are streamlined. A good user experience will make it easier to find the right information at the right time. Customers also face simplified and efficient processes. There is an elimination of unnecessary items. With UX designs set in place, customers feel more secure and happy. They know they are not prey to some phishing exercise.

Customer Retention 

To make sure customers are retained, companies need to keep working with products. They need to add new features, fix bugs, customise services and products, improve packaging, and more. For this, it is important to have a user-friendly website or app. This app or website with good products will help improve customer loyalty.

Improved purchases 

Customers facing a bad UX will abandon their association with the brand. If companies want to ensure customer loyalty, they need to make sure that the UX is good. Don’t we get irritated when the payment process is stuck inadvertently? Noting customer pain points and addressing them is important to increase how customers feel.

Brand messaging 

For customer loyalty, it is important to have the right messaging. Consistent messaging is key to make sure customers are happy. Simple, hassle-free messaging will make sure customers face a good online experience. Personalized messages in a constant fashion can drive loyalty. Brand messaging is key to customer retention. Short and witty messaging will help make the customer experience better and interesting.

Increased Social engagement 

When a user has a good experience, they will share it with their friends and family. UX will ensure that customers stay connected, share the right interactions, and engage happily with the brand. Referrals are important as they will improve the reach of the brand across circles. Social media is also a huge tool to improve user experience and vice versa.

Costs of Bad UX 

A bad user experience will be costly for any business. A good UX design will ensure money and time is saved for the customer and the company. Many companies do not realise the cost of a bad UX design until they lose customers. When people start complaining, they will understand how they missed customers. Instead of just closing the app or website, they may even write a bad review on social media. This hurts the brand’s goodwill to a huge extent. This is why making sure the company UX is good is essential to company growth.

Bottom Line 

User experience is not only about design. It is much more than that. Marketers needs to combine marketing with UX to improve customer loyalty. This UX design propels motivation, perception, and customer behaviour. One should not assume that UX is just some fancy stuff. It is key and imperative to customer retention and customer loyalty. Optimising customer loyalty experience will make sure customers bring more revenue. Companies who have understood the importance of good UX will invest in it. A bad or poorly designed UX will lead to complaints and customer churn. It is vital to plan a good UX strategy to improve CX and drive customer loyalty.

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Niyathi Rao – Niyathi is an experienced content marketer with a love for SaaS tech products. She reads a lot (mostly fiction) and is a huge news junkie. Niyathi loves exploring different forms of inbound marketing and taking on challenges. Linkedin –

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