How to Get Proper Quote From London Moving Company?

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How to get an accurate quote is an interesting question? People who are moving for the first time does not have an idea about it. So in this article, we are going to discuss in detail how you get most out of the London moving company the next time you plan your move.

Generally, companies send someone to visit your home and assess the number of items that you want to be moved. Also, a professional moving company will inquire about your personal preferences related to specific items. So that they can give a detailed summary of how the moving process will be carried out along with the total price. We have summarised the necessary points below:

1. Be specific and show everything to the consultant

To get the right quote, you need to be specific and give access to all the areas of your house. Mention things you want to move. Inform the consultant about the fragile and precious items. Don’t forget about the garden plant, types of ornaments or any patio furniture that you want to be moved. It helps in booking the right size van for the move.

If you have any plans on buying the new furniture or items, mention it to the move consultant. So that you don’t surprise them on a moving day by sneaking it in on a moving day. It is necessary so that they can properly plan the move.

2. Be prepared to answer all of the expert questions

For the removalists to perform the proper job of assessing, they will ask you several questions. The reason behind this is that they can provide you with a tailored estimate that meets all your requirements. The questions can be related to:

a. Budget requirements

When consultants ask you about the budget, you need to be specific. In the end, you don’t want your possessions to get damage and want them to be moved most safely. Give your consultant a specific idea about what items are highly valuable and the ones that you can handle yourself. If you want to save money, then you can pack most of the items yourself. If you want the company to do it for them, they will mention it in the total cost.

b. Moving dates

Most companies can provide you with specific dates that are best for your move. Sometimes they can also provide cheap offers for the specific dates when they are less preoccupied. If you have smaller items to move the movers can be flexible enough to provide the option of part load service.


c. Moving time during the weekend

When you decide to move during the weekend, always remember it can be a bit more expensive. It is because the movers have to work in unsocial hours and demand higher wages.

d. Final date of getting your new house keys

If you are selling your house and the finalizing date is as same as the moving date, you need to provide the consultant with an idea at what time you will get new home keys. Any delays can also affect the cost of operation.

3. Need any additional service?

Always remember moving not only involves the tasks of packing, delivering and unpacking. It also requires the assembling and disassembling of some items like beds, sofa or the climbing frame in the garden. All the picture needs to be taken down like mirrors, clocks, lampshades etc. These are all the things that you need to consider and tell your consultant to get a proper estimated quote that suits your requirements.

To get an accurate quote you need the services of London moving company. You can read our article to get information on how you can get it.

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