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I will talk about getting from Manchester to Edinburgh using train, bus, plane or even hitchhiking.

One of the cities I most enjoyed visiting in the UK was Edinburgh, Scotland. Full of history, primarily literary, as well as beautiful castles and great Whiskey. I got there from Manchester, still in England. The distance between the cities is 350km, and I took the bus route, paying £ 1.50.


 It is in the heart of the city, but even so, it was super quiet! It’s a chain hotel, really basic – it doesn’t have a safe or minibar, but everything is very clean and tidy. I found it a good option for those who want to save money without giving up comfort. The room was very comfortable.

Unlike London, in Edinburgh, everything is calmer, and people were very kind, which helped a lot, since the Scottish accent is not the easiest thing to understand, at least for me, as I am used to the American accent.

The city is beautiful to die for, dominated by Edinburgh Castle, high up there.

To enter the castle, you have to pay for a ticket. I also advise buying over the internet, so you don’t have to wait in line. You can see the city from the top of the castle, which looks like a miniature, so cute!

I stayed three nights in Edinburgh, which was enough to get to know the main points, but if I had more time, I would have remained a month … The city is stunning, an extraordinary place indeed. Very well cared for, all flowery!

Edinburgh is divided between the old city and the new city. The “New Town” is also aging. That is, it was built in 1765.

At a “today, I can spend a little more” moment, I had lunch at Jamie’s Italian, by Jamie Oliver – I passed the door, saw that the prices were reasonable, and made a reservation. The restaurant is charming. I took a fixed-price lunch menu at £ 15 per person. Everything was perfect, except the risotto, which was a little off the point (soft), but nothing compromised.

From Edinburgh, we left for Inverness, where the Highlands adventure began.

How to get from Manchester to Edinburgh by Train

The best form of transport, without a doubt, in the United Kingdom is the train – fast, punctual and leaves you in the center. That said, getting from Manchester to Edinburgh by train is super easy, and the journey takes just 4 hours. The departure station is Piccadilly, with an exchange in the city of New Castle. The company that makes the trip is TransPennine Express. Tickets start at

£ 27. Buying in advance and traveling outside peak hours, usually early in the morning and late afternoon, you get reasonable prices. Train frequencies are 30 minutes only.

Another option is to travel with Virgin Trains, which makes a stop in York. However, the frequency of trains is lower, with departures every 4 hours at Manchester Victoria station. Tickets start from £ 55.

ow to get from Manchester to Edinburgh by bus

Traveling by bus between Manchester and Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways. As I mentioned above, I only paid £ 1.50 for my ticket for a 6-hour trip. How did I get a meager price? Well, there is a company called Megabus, which offers light prices. The company operated several routes throughout Europe; however, it currently only works in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is still possible to get reasonable prices, including the same ones that I got, but be aware that more chances of finding cheap tickets when you book before. In my case, I booked 59 days in advance.

Another company that also travels between Edinburgh and Manchester is National Express, which is more traditional and frequent. However, tickets are usually more expensive.

How to get from Manchester to Edinburgh by plane

Leaving the Manchester Airport to the Edinburgh airport, the trip takes an hour. There are cheap flights from low-cost airlines like Flybe and Easy Jet. Since the same rule applies to the train and bus, when you buy before, the better the prices. But be careful, remember that you need to arrive and leave two airports, so put the travel time and the value of the tickets, and see if it is no longer worth taking the train. Using the search engine below, you can check prices and book your airline tickets and accommodation.

Other ways to get from Manchester to Edinburgh

Rent a car

Have you ever thought about making a road trip around the UK? Both England and Scotland have incredible places to visit, with breathtaking landscapes. Leaving the big cities, crowded with tourists and getting to know the local culture in-depth, can be a great experience. To rent a car is simple, you will need the PID (International Driving Permit), Passport, and original CNH. But remember that the direction is on the right side. To search where to rent a vehicle, you can use the RentalCars website. It filters the best prices among all companies.

Manchester private taxi trips

Use Manchester private taxi trips to find a ride. The service is top-rated in Manchester. It usually has great prices with elite class rides.


Finally, it is still possible to catch a ride between Manchester and Edinburgh. I met many travelers who are touring the world without spending a dime on transportation.

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