How to Create Augmented Reality Content for E-Commerce Store?

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AR, also known as Augmented Reality, is the next big thing that will revolutionize the user’s online experience. The successful implementation of AR in Pokémon Go has played a considerable role in its success. And now, many industries are looking for ways to incorporate it into their business. 

Before we begin, let’s give you a brief understanding that what AR is. 

AR is a digital experience that can help you view a digital object or thing in a natural living environment. With the help of a camera, you can now see virtual objects in a physical surrounding. Also, you can get a 360-degree view of the camera as you start moving it.

AR is beneficial since it alters our ability to communicate with the environment around us. It changes our view of what is in sight of us, enabling us to have a realistic view of the natural environment.

Not let’s talk about combing an eCommerce store with AR. Having an eCommerce is essential for any business in this age. And with the help of AR, you can give a completely new experience to your customers. 

This will not only help you increase sales but increase awareness about your brand as well.

As per Statista, the demand for AR technologies is expanding. The has been a forecast that by 2023, it would have a value of more than $18 billion. Also, It estimates that user expenditure on independent and integrated augmented reality apps will hit $15.497 million globally by 2022.

Advantages Of AR In e-Commerce

It is important that you retain your old customers as it is pretty easy for them to purchase from you again. It isn’t easy to find and convince new customers to try new products. This makes the consumer retention cycle highly even more challenging. 

Businesses have to find new and innovative approaches in order to convince and retain customers. And that is where AR comes into play, with all of its advantages. Here are a few examples of how AR can help you grow your e-commerce business.

– Engaging The Customer

AR can be a great way to gain the attention of the user. Many brands are now providing the customer the opportunity to see the product in real life before purchasing it. You can now bring interactive 3D products into real life and give a completely new experience. 

Online sellers are now attempting to provide their consumers with integrated purchasing experiences in much more accessible and customized environments.


– Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition

AR provides an experience that many people would not be able to forget so easily. With such an experience, it is bound to leave a lasting effect on people’s minds. This will help you increase your brand awareness and recognition. They would instantly recognize your brand due to AR.

If you can get a first-mover advantage by incorporating your E-commerce store into AR, it can do wonders for your brand. Brand awareness is something on which businesses thrive on. Also, it leads to an increase in customer loyalty. 

– Customizes the shopping experience

In e-commerce, augmented reality enhances the shopping journey by making it more immersive. Consumers perceive more linked to the commodity and the business when they have power regarding virtual information in their physical environment.  They can change the settings, styles, and shapes, as well as browse through the items that appeal to them.

– Incredibly Simple Consumer Retention

As we mentioned earlier that retaining existing customers is as important as finding new ones, many companies struggle to attract new customers and hold existing ones. This is a dilemma that AR can assist with. Businesses may effectively resolve multiple specific problems that discourage customers from buying their goods or services by allowing them to encounter them in an augmented setting.

Users can now easily experience their products or services and can purchase if they like them. Moreover, there is a high chance that people will share their experience with other through social media. This would help you to increase brand awareness and grab the attention of potential customers.

– Boost Conversion Rates and Attracts New Customers 

AR campaigns can be a great way to attract new customers. By creating a buzz for your brand, you might grab the attention of new customers out there. And the best part about it is that they might even want to pay a premium amount for it. Since many customers can experience the product, they would be willing to pay a premium price. 

Moreover, AR can help you increase your conversion rates. It will display how a product will look like in a customer’s domain, in addition to 3D views, making it far simpler to take a buying move.

How To Use AR In Your eCommerce Website?

Before incorporating AR into your eCommerce website or app, there are few things that you need to take into consideration.

1. Specify The Company’s Goals.


It is imperative that you implement AR when you have clear objectives in front of you that you want to achieve. It is important to ask that AR is the right choice for you and how you can use it to achieve your goals. 

Before diving into the technical side of AR, consider your aim and objectives. When you understand where you’re heading, it’s easier to choose the strategies and techniques you’ll need to get there.

2. Identify and Know About Tools That You Would Be Using

Before choosing the AR tools, there are few things that you need to take into consideration. It is vital to do so it does not lead to wastage of time and resources for you. 

Firstly, you would have to look for an AR tool that is suitable as per your budget. Though there are many free tools available as well, it would not have the same impact. Therefore, for better results, it is recommended that you go for a paid tool. 

Also, regardless you want to run your ad on smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses, make sure the tool you use supports the devices for your eCommerce site. 

3. Market It the Right Way

The next move is to consider marketing and promotion for your AR campaign. And besides, you would like to make sure that people know about it and its usage. Make advertising and tutorials for your app that illustrate how it can be used. This will reduce uncertainty and concerns about your AR campaign.

Moreover, it is essential that you enable people to share their AR store interaction on digital media platforms with their acquaintances or their massive reach. This may include images of augmented artifacts or posts with a labeled hashtag.

Final Takeaway 

Due to its intuitive design and imaginative ability, using AR for marketing campaigns has a broad appeal. AR will help brands enhance their performance to tell their narrative.

AR is transforming the world that we live in. However, it is still relatively new but is becoming more popular and user-friendly with each passing time. And sooner or later, it would become a powerful tool. 

Many businesses are now understanding the potential that the technology has and are using it for their leverage. Not just eCommerce stores, many other industries are now making the most out of it. 

Industries like education are now incorporating it into their processes to make learning more fun and easier. It is only a matter of time that you will see AR in every other industry. 

So, if you have not thought about it yet, now is the right time to use it and get a competitive edge. And if you are looking for a renowned augmented reality solution provider, then look no further. Cubix is here to help you out. 

With more than 12 years of experience in mobile app development, they have the finest team on their side. Start incorporating AR technologies with the help of Cubix into the brand’s marketing strategy to boost sales right away.

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