How to Create a Business Page on LinkedIn -A Complete Guide

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LinkedIn is the holy grail for attracting potential clients and boosting the company’s revenue. If you are running a website but don’t have a business page on LinkedIn, then you need to create it today and let more people find you on this super-active platform.

There are several benefits of having a professional business page on LinkedIn. A page not only helps you establish your company as an authority but also gives you a professional platform to interact with your audience in the most sophisticated way. With a business page, you can showcase your products and services and keep the audience engaged with your brand. So, on this note, let’s have a look at how to create a business page on LinkedIn and get started with this platform in an efficient way.

Before we get into the quick steps for creating a business page, let’s have a look at some guidelines or rules that you need to know.

LinkedIn Business Page Rules

     You need to have a personal LinkedIn profile with all your information available for creating a profile.

     Your profile must be at least a week old to create a business page.

     The profile strength also matters as it needs to be at least an intermediate or all-star profile.

     You need to have a couple of connections on your personal profile before you create a business page.

     Current employment status and position in a company must be mentioned in your experience section of the profile.

     You need to have a company-based e-mail id on your account.

     Make sure that the company domain is not used before regarding the creation of the company page.

     Most people often make mistakes by opening a company page using a Gmail or Yahoo email but as the email id is unique to the domain, it can’t be used.

These were some common and important guidelines that you need to take care of while you create a business profile of your company on LinkedIn. Now, let’s have a look at how to create a business page on LinkedIn.

Step 1:

Log in to your LinkedIn profile and from the home page, navigate to the work section on the top right corner, and select the Create a Company Page option.

Step 2:

After that, you need to choose the type of organization page that you want to create for yourself.

Step 3:

Once you select the correct type of company page, you will need to enter all the necessary details and information about your company.

Step 4:

After adding all the relevant information, add the company logo, and cover image for your company page. Make sure the logo is clearly visible and the cover image should also be reflecting your company’s identity.

Step 5:

Click on the Create Page button and your company page will be created.

Once your page is ready, you can share the page link to all your connections and your company’s employees so that they can follow the page. Just creating the page is not enough, you need to go beyond to generate higher engagement.

After you create the business page on In LinkedIn, prepare a content calendar, and start preparing short yet interesting posts that everyone would appreciate to read. You can share your industry-related insights, blogs, infographics, videos, or value-adding interviews. There is no shortage of content ideas for LinkedIn and get started with anything that you are comfortable with.

Start growing your brand presence on LinkedIn and it will help you a lot in attracting a lot of potential customers and talented employees. You can also opt for custom SEO packages to manage your LinkedIn business page and bring you leads.


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