How to Conduct Exams at Exam Centers

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Examinations conducted by educational institutes as well as corporations take place throughout the world. Yet conducting exams has always been an inconvenience, especially for multinational corporations. There is this huge administration overhead that comes with finding and managing exam centres. Scheduling examinations, managing the attendance of candidates and cancellations and reschedules can be quite daunting for exam organisers. There is also the problem that candidates and learners face. With the matter of time spent on transportation arriving at far to reach exam centres can discourage many. With all these limitations, there’s only a limited number of options available for exam organisers to choose from.              

What’s the Solution?              

Managing all these hassles can have the exam organizing bodies end up with other problems. Exam security is an enormous concern these days, and so one cannot ignore it while organizing them. Examination bodies can resort to utilizing the services of the examination conducting agencies. As part of their services, they offer options regarding every aspect of the examination process. They offer access to resources around the country and sometimes even in other parts of the world. Test delivery agencies provide support for the enrolment process, from pre-registration to the generation of scorecards. Test delivery companies accomplish all of this without ever accessing the actual exam papers. This helps in decentralizing the process and also removes any internal security concerns. The major advantage is the number of benefits these test delivery agencies can offer exam organizers, such as:

Cost-effective Solution                   

Conducting offline exams can be an expensive affair as there are substantial costs associated with various factors. Factors like hiring an exam venue, test invigilators, observers, ensuring secure logistics of exam materials can be significantly well managed. Utilizing one of the online exam conducting companies in India, like Vensysco for instance, can be beneficial in saving on costs significantly.              

Ease of Use

There is a high priority placed on designing the online exam portal so that it’s both intuitive and easy to to use. The system is kept simple yet effective so that candidates who are not that familiar with technology can still attend these exams. The process of attending exams through the internet is kept quite simple, from pre-enrolment to submitting the test on exam day. There are also usually numerous resources available for candidates so they understand the exam process online.                          

To ensure that all candidates understand how the exam portals work, there’s also a short test tutorial available in advance. The availability of a tutorial ensures that the candidates stay sure when using the system during the exams. Additional benefits include the ease of editing written answers and carrying out numerical analysis digitally rather than on paper. This saves on both resources and security.             

Ensuring Exam Integrity & Transparency              

It is easier to maintain the standards of conducting exams across known territories usually. However, when the examinations are held across vast regions, it is hard to maintain that level of integrity. This becomes a problem particularly when depending on local partners, or utilising external venues for examinations. The exam body is also the only one who decides who can see the question sets available. In maintaining security when using other venues, it is best to depend on test delivery agencies.              

Conducting Better Exams              

The software platforms, that are made available as part of an exam provider’s services, are quite flexible. Questions to be set can be either via text, using a visual medium, or voice & audio. This level of flexibility ensures that the exam session is always engaging to candidates. The various mediums available also ensures that candidates with disabilities can attend the exams on an equal footing to others as well. Exam organisers also have the option of using an exhaustive question bank for their exams. Further flexibility exists in the form of customising the questions, which may include changing the exam as per requirements. There’s also the option of detecting if candidates were guessing the answers. Implementing a system of confidence-rating, and bringing in associated questions, the platforms can check if a candidate is guessing the answers or are confident in their knowledge.              

Secure Approach to Examinations              

There’s also the matter of supervision when it comes to conducting online exams. In many scenarios, online examinations take place in special centres dedicated to online tests. In some cases, however, candidates can access and attend exams from the conveniences of their homes. With that option available, however, the exam conducting bodies should ensure that optimum security measures are kept in place. A dedicated exam conducting agency ensures to maintain security keeping in mind the following factors:              

Online exam in Test Centres – Even while candidates attend the exam in-person, the actual examinations occur in an online format. These in-person computer-based exams utilise security headed by invigilators to ensure maximum security during the exam sessions. Candidates access the computers in the centre during examinations, which stay locked down to ensure they cannot navigate the internet to commit malpractices.              

Online exam with remote Invigilation – Utilising proper security measures like remote invigilation, this option effectively mimics the feel of an exam centre online. Utilising special proctoring measures such as, using a webcam and an always-on audio feed ensures that candidates are the only ones attending the exams. It is, of course, necessary for candidates to have access to a suitable internet connection and an appropriate device to attend the exam on.              

Online exam without Invigilation – In cases of tutorials, or practice sessions, online exam platforms utilise a supervision-less online exam option. Candidates can attend practice exams, simple quizzes or feedback surveys, without needing any oversight on the matter.              


Time and money are precious commodities for everyone around the world, especially when it comes to examinations. For exam organisers, it’s a big inconvenience, with the amount of time involved. There’s also exam security to take under consideration, and the expenditure on logistics and exam stationery. For students attending exams, there’s usually a limitation of only a few exam centres available near them. Utilising a third party exam conducting agency is the only solution that can help. It opens up to a world of options not only for exam organisers but also for students attending them. Exam conduction companies do not just offer a way out of this conundrum, but also make sure that conducting exams becomes a smooth and efficient process.

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