How to choose a WOODEN CRICKET BAT for yourself?

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Detailed analysis of the various cricket bats internationally recommended.


Cricket is a famous international game; its craze is high, especially in Indo-Pak and England. Cricket is the romance of the people of India (sub-continent). If you visit Pakistan, you will not see a single street in which children are not playing cricket. Despite fewer facilities in the backward areas of India, children enjoy playing cricket. When the cracked Wooden Cricket Bat hits the tennis ball, a shout of applause arises from outside the boundary. This noise reminds you of the international audience enjoying the match in the Eden Gardens(India) or Edgbaston(England), or Gaddafi Stadium (Lahore).


Players like Arshad Khan arise from these slums and win international trophies for their countries. A few questions might arise in your mind; why is cricket famous in these two three countries? You might be wondering why the writer is talking about these countries but not about the Wooden Cricket Bat. The reasoning is interesting because these three countries (Pakistan, India, and England)make the finest of all wooden bats.

Willow wood makes quality cricket bats; willow wood is of two types; English willow, and Kashmir willow.

Parts of the Wooden Cricket Bats with their significance:

First, we will see what makes wooden cricket bats meet the international standards of ICC.


Like any other games’ equipment, the bats have also evolved. There are two main parts of a cricket bat, the handle and the blade. Players hold the handle to swing the bat; the rubber band covers the wood. This rubber grip decreases the impact of shock that reaches the handle when the bat strikes the ball. The wooden blade is smooth from the front side, and a spine is present on the backside. Bats are thick in the lower middle, called the sweet spot. 

The handle meets the blade at the shoulder point; it forms a sharp corner like our shoulders. Some bats are shoulderless with long handles and short blades; helpful for attacking mode. Players decide the size of the Wooden Cricket Bat based on their height.

3 Famous Cricket Bats:

1.      Kashmir Willow Bats:

Willow wood makes the internationally used bats; Kashmir willow grows in Kasmir. Kashmir belongs to both Pakistan and India. So, the premium wooden bats meeting the international standards; are exported from Indo-Pak.

Kashmir willow is brown, lightweight, and strong, making willow a perfect material for Wooden Cricket Bat. These bats are also shock-resistant. 



Moistures badly affect the strength of wood, so we keep wooden bats away from liquids. Firstly we strike a new bat with a used ball to minimize the danger of bat snapping. Then we oil the bat face (linseed oil) that provides more command over the bat. It also gives the bat a special shine that looks great.


Players who like to use lightweight bats usually play with Kashmir willow bats.


2.      English Willow Bats:

England willow wood makes the Wooden Cricket Bat that are heavier than Kashmir ones. So, it provides more toughness and requires less effort of the striker for playing long shots. They are light color compared to dark Kashmir willow, tougher, and stronger with high grain quality. Some players like the famous Ms. Dhoni prefer to play with heavy bats.



Maintenance recommendations are the same as for the Kashmir willow:

  • Keep away from water.
  • Beat the bat with a used ball before playing with a new one.
  • Apply oil on the striking surface.

3.      Bats used with Tennis Balls:

These Wooden Cricket Bat are made up of less expensive material like fiber, used for training purposes. They are mostly used for domestic tennis ball cricket matches and are cheap.

It requires no specific maintenance requirement like knocking or oiling. Even so, water or moisture damages the tennis bats.  

Why ICC accepts only wooden bats in International Cricket?

In international matches, you will see players playing with Wooden Cricket Bat only. ICC does not accept bats containing nonwooden material. Why is this so?

Once in 1979, a player named Dennis used the aluminum bat, the impact rate was very high. The opponent team complained about the application of aluminum bats, committee, after their meeting, decided to ban aluminum as a cricket bar material. Similarly, ICC disallowed the use of graphite bats in international cricket.

Moreover, wood is a natural substance that takes years to develop in its compact form, providing strength and durability. Moreover, chances of variations in the wood are low as it is a gift of nature, not synthesized in the labs. Keeping the stated complaints in consideration, ICC banned all nonwooden bats.

How to Choose Your Cricket Bat:

The above discussion describes the qualities of a good Cricket Equipments & Gears. In the light of the stated debate following are the points you need to consider while selecting a cricket bat:


  • Choose the bat according to your height. A thumb rule is that the bat reaches slightly above your back.
  • The bat needs to weigh between 1.4 to 1.7 kg. It depends on your choice, to select a heavy or light bat but never buys a too light or too heavy bat. Light bats are easy to swing, while heavy ones have more strength.
  • Bat grip needs to be soft, smooth, sweat absorbing, and again lightweight; not too thick, nor too thin.
  • If you are a striker; you should play with a long handle and short blade bat with almost no neck. Otherwise, for defensive play, we recommend bat with balanced length.
  • You must see the shape of the bat. A good bat is flat from the face with a spine on the back.
  • Bat is thicker at the lower middle portion that makes the sweet point more strong and thick.      
  • Talking about the grains of the wood, the ideal number is 7 to 10.
  • A good bat should have its toe covered with a toe guard. Toe breakage is a common problem that even professionals face while playing yorkers. 


Remember, oiling and knocking are very important before playing. 



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