How to be physically and emotionally healthy?

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When you hear the word “fit”, what is the visual that your mind conjures up the quickest? Is it a chiseled body of Salman or the flat stomach of Deepika? Do you imagine an individual with toned arms and thighs, with an hourglass figure? Do you see bulging biceps along with an 8-pack? If any of these notions fit your checklist of “fit”, time to rethink your definition of fitness, because fitness is a lot more than just these generalized concepts, and maybe not even that, and you will soon find out why and how, if you scroll right down.

Let’s start with analyzing basic scenarios because it’s high time to bust those myths.   

Think of an individual who manages to flatten their tummy, by starving themselves, leading to fatigue and whatnot eventually inviting illness, would you call that fit?

How about this one, a lanky man achieves in gaining those chiseled muscles and that hard rock abs, by overconsuming steroids and other supplements, leading to severe after effects, would you call that fit?

Here’s another, this individual has the perfect body(typical), spends the early hours in the gym, but is always found to be arguing with his colleagues and family members, leaving him frustrated and walking around like a ticking time bomb, would you call that fit?

And the final one, does constant and regular workout, one little negative comment about her body from her boyfriend or a colleague, ends up stress eating aka overeating, seeking the comfort in food, splurging on tons of sugar, consequentially feels bloated and experiences hormonal imbalance, would you call that fit?

The answer is NO! In all caps! 

Fitness is not about the stereotypical body types we have been glorifying for ages, neither is it about starving yourself to death nor is it about giving up sleep and sanity. And it is most definitely not about stressing your body with extreme and over the top workouts, as a shortcut to achieve your idea of “flawed” fitness. The range of scenarios, as mentioned above are all perfect examples of fitness being ill-conceived and misinterpreted.


Physical and Emotional Health is directly proportional to each other, in better words, they go hand in hand and if you focus on just one of the domains and neglect the other, all your efforts are being put to waste.

What being Physically Fit “Really” means

  • Including Exercise in Your Daily Routine

By exercise, it need not be, waking up early morning and getting to the gym. It should be an activity you don’t have to force yourself to do, something you thoroughly enjoy. Here are some options to pick from, a dance form you want to learn or enjoy, swimming, badminton, running, yoga, a game of cricket or football, cycling, in all something which gets your body zinging.


  • Having Balanced and Healthy Meals

What we often mistake as a means to healthy living is dieting, and fail to even understand what it truly implies and end up starving ourselves. Eating has always been comforting and why not after all it is a necessity for our human body, is exactly why one must never refrain from eating. But it is important to include the nutritional elements our body requires to remain healthy and happening. Your meal should include these 5 nutrients i.e. Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Vitamins and the 5th one is right up next.



Plain and simple. Go grab a glass NOW! And continue to do so every hour.


  • Being  Active

Being done for the day with just an hour or two of exercise is not the done deal, move around through the day. DO NOT BE A COUCH POTATO OR STICK TO A DESK LIFE. Follow simple tips & tricks, like walk & talk, run to the door when the bell rings, get stuff for others (will make a good impression as well). BE ENERGETIC.

What being Emotionally Fit “Really” means

  • SMILE 😊

Just by flexing the muscles at the sides of your mouth, you can achieve a smile. Smile even on bad days, and smile wide especially on the good ones. Because when you smile, your brain stimulates the production of the happy hormones aka endorphins, giving us a sense of ‘All Izz Well’. The trick is to “Train your Brain” to think Positive and happy thoughts. So Smile a Mile!


  • Know, Learn and Accept your Emotions

Society has built certain labels or tags on emotions, expressions, and reactions to situations. Like “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota”, “Why are you crying like a girl?”, etc. Time to kill and bury those very same labels, that stops one from being their selves. We all somewhere know our emotions and feelings and with time learn about them as well, what we don’t is accept them. So Accept Yourself, Be Proud Yourself!


  • Practice Gratitude

How rare is it, that you just stop and are grateful for the very air you’re breathing? Or the senses you’re feeling? Or the good day you’ve had? Or just for the life, you’re living? Think about it, feel Grateful for it. Cherish the little, big things life and the world has to offer.


  • Take a break

Just do as it says. Relax! Because it is okay to do so sometimes.


Now there, that is how you stay physically and emotionally fit.

As the famous saying goes, “It Takes Two to Tango”, just like that upkeep of Both Physical and Emotional Health is necessary for one’s complete fitness. 

Coming to sayings here’s one we often hear, “Stay Healthy and Wealthy”, let’s add a twist to it. How about… “Stay Healthy, Happy, Hearty and Happening!”

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