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The entrance is a haven of peace, a decompression airlock. Usually, it is she who sets the tone for the decoration and layout of the entire house. From the outside, the view from the front door of either a house or an apartment is supposed to be soothing. It allows us to imagine ourselves comfortably installed inside alongside the people we love. Going through the front door marks the passage from the outside to the inside.

At the end of the day, he puts an end to the “work” part to make room for sharing with family or friends. The outside world then gradually fades away to leave only peace and the feeling of being at home. Generally, it is the interior decoration which is privileged. However, choosing a beautiful doormat if you live in an apartment and pushing the exterior design a bit by opting for a few garlands, planters or even a pretty sign will help you facilitate the passage from the outside to the inside for you as well as for your guests. It is now time to address the question of how to arrange your entrance?

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How to arrange your entrance – identify the types of entrances 

There are as many entry types as there are houses or apartments. Some open onto a large living room, others onto a small corridor. Some are demarcated, others are not. Having a room of any size that can be called an “entrance” is considered a luxury in many large cities, which is why when this room does exist, it is important to maximize its potential.

Concretely, there are three types of entries:

The open entrance, as its name suggests, it is directly open to a living room. It does not have a defined area and is often contiguous to the living room or to a living room. It can be quite spacious or non-existent when the door is in the extension of a wall for example.

In the corridor version, amalgamated with apartments more than with houses. Hallway entrances are the most difficult to set up because if every square meter counts, it is essential not to overload the space. Juggling between storage and circulation area then becomes the priority.

The entrance is closed. Ideal, it has its own door and allows to give a real identity to the room. Functional, it offers the possibility of creating a beautiful storage area. This provision is of course the rarest.

If there is one thing in common with all these types of entryways, no matter the house or the apartment, it is the difficulty that lies in their arrangement. Often, the poorly defined surface of this room is a barrier to the choice of furniture. The good tip: bet on small welcoming details to make you want to linger in this room.

How to arrange your entrance – the functions of an entrance

If the entrance sets the tone for the layout and ambiance of the house, it also has practical functions:

Above all, this room is a passage area , so it is essential to keep this in mind so as not to clutter up the space. An overcrowded room will give a bad image of the place.

The entrance is also a drop-in and drop-off point , a bit like a bus station but for our personal belongings. Come to think of it, many items rarely need to be taken to rooms other than the hall. To cite the most general: coats, shoes or even bags tend to remain confined only to this room. A very special place must therefore be reserved for them.

The entrance is also a place for you. A cocoon, a decompression chamber to help you feel at home and make you forget your day in a few seconds. Personally, I have always liked having a fragrance diffuse next to the front door. As soon as I push this one, I instantly feel at home. At first, I wondered if I was the only one paying attention, but now each time I return from vacation, my friend proudly tells me “it always smells so good at home! », Successful challenge!

How to set up your entrance – the basics of furniture

Whether it’s small decoration or furniture, this very special piece requires a little attention. To make sure you’re on the right track, here are some essentials to bet on:

A doormat , to welcome you from the outside and set the tone for the decoration from the doorstep.

A shoe cabinet , to avoid tripping over heaps of shoes as soon as you walk through the door. The good news is that the better they are stored, the longer they will last. It’s a win-win.

A set of coat hooks or a clothes rack , or even both! Ideally, a rack to store all your coats and jackets as well as a set of hooks to proudly display your most beautiful pieces of leather goods.

A seat , which can moreover quite be amalgamated with the shoe cabinet. It will allow you not to turn on yourself 5 times before you have managed to put on your last pair of sneakers and sit comfortably at the end of the day.

An empty pocket , to allow you to leave papers and business cards that you do not want to get rid of. (And incidentally, your keys).

A mirror , to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything when you leave and to give the impression of space in the room.

A light source , to be adapted to the structure of the room.

How to arrange your entrance – the tips

From start to finish of your landscaping project, here are the tips to keep in mind:

01 – Think about magnifying your door. It may sound silly, but the door is often left in its raw state. However, it is one of the star elements of the room and does not take up space. What makes her, the asset on which to bet. Consider sanding it to give it a raw look, changing the frames or repainting it in a current shade.

02 – Adapt to the structure and size of the room. There are many solutions to transform your hallway into an entrance, for example. It is even possible with a little imagination to create an entrance from any room .

03 – Delimit the space. Whether it is using a carpet, a change of floor or even a screen, partitioning this room without closing it allows it to be optimized.

04 – Enlarge the space with a mirror. This trick works wonders! In addition to reflecting light and square meters, it allows you to do a final check held before you leave the house.

05 – Think about the general organization of the room in order to keep it functional. Here are 7 ideas for keeping your entrance tidy .

06 – Choose suitable lighting. Suspensions if the ceiling height allows it. Wall lights if the room is elongated or even a floor lamp if the surface is sufficiently spread out.

Keep in mind that whatever your entry, it’s up to you to choose the function (s) you give it. Remember above all to prioritize your needs and not to rush. If you’re still hesitating, here are 3 ways to use its input .

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