How to activate dark mode on Instagram

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To activate the dark mode on Instagram it is necessary to have an iPhone with iOS 13 and in the case of mobiles with Google’s operating system, with Android 10. Some phone models with Android 9 Pie also have this option.

Another important point is to have the Instagram application updated. To check this, you have to enter the Apple Store or Google Play (depending on whether you have iOS or Android) and search for “Instagram”. If the “update” button appears, press there.

Social networks could not be left out of this format, which is increasingly in demand, and they already have their own options of modo oscuro de instagram.


If dark mode is activated at the operating system level, all compatible applications will automatically switch to dark mode, including Instagram. To activate the dark mode of Instagram in iOS you have to enter Settings, select Screen and brightness and then activate the Dark mode option.


The dark mode can be activated in Android 10 and in some cell phones with Android 9.

To activate the dark mode on Android you have to go to Settings / Display and then activate Dark mode. The route may vary depending on the brand of equipment. Another option is to enter settings and put “dark mode” in the magnifying glass, so it takes us directly to the section where this alternative must be activated.

In case you do not want to activate the active mode for all applications but simply for Instagram, then enter that application, click on the three lines that appear in the upper margin, then Settings / Theme and then enable the Dark option .

The option “dark mode” within Instagram.

Highlight positive comments

In addition to removing negative comments, the platform announced that it will soon begin testing the “Pinned Comments” feature, which will allow you to pin a certain number of comments to the top of your comment thread. A measure that seeks to help amplify positive comments.

Manage multiple interactions

This is a new feature that allows you to manage multiple interactions at the same time. With this tool it is possible to delete several negative comments at the same time, as well as to block or restrict accounts that publish comments that the user considers offensive.

To enable this option in iOS, you have to click on a comment and then the dotted icon in the upper right corner. Select “Manage Comments” and you can choose up to 25 comments to delete at once. In turn, you can touch where it says “More options” to block or restrict accounts in bulk. To block or restrict accounts on Android, press and hold a comment, touch the dotted icon, and select “Block or Restrict.”

The tool allows you to control who labels you.

Control who can tag you

The social network announced the incorporation of a tool that allows the user to control who can tag or mention them in the publications.

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