How powerful will be indian defence forces be in 2021?

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The Indian defence forces are revered for their nobility, sacrifice and valor. From the blistering heat of desert to freezing glaciers of Himalayas they protect us as their family all night and day without complaining. Since Independence they are guarding civilians from trespassers, terror attacks and internal insurgencies. The Indian defence forces are military forces of Republic of India. It is composed of three professional forces: The Indian Army, The Indian Navy and The Indian Air Force. The Paramilitary organisations and Indian Coast Guards assists defence forces in performing several operations. The global fire power report of 2020 ranked military forces of India on 4th number. 

The defence forces of India are known to have high-tech weapons for combating terror attacks and fighting on the battlefield. There are lakhs of youngsters who have a strong desire to serve their nation by joining Indian defence forces. They can fulfil their desire by qualifying government exams like NDA ,CDS ,Afcat etc. Those who want to clear the NDA exam can approach the most esteemed institute that can provide them excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh.


 Let us discuss the potential of Indian Defence forces in 2021:


  • Unmanned aerial vehicles


There are several unmanned aerial vehicles developed by DRDO (Defence research and development organisation) such as Lakshya pilotless target aircraft(PTA) and Nishant tactical UAV. All the three forces of Indian Defence use Lakshya PTA for their gunnery target training requirements. There are ongoing efforts to advance PTA with a better turbojet engine and improved all-digital flight control system. The DRDO is planning to develop a new class of UAV referred to by the MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) and HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) designations. The UAV will have capability of conventional take off and landing. The features of Hale UAV includes SATCOM links that allows it to command beyond line of sight.  

If you are aiming to become a part of the Indian Air force then start preparing for the Afcat exam. In case you need extra guidance while preparing then join a leading institute that can serve you wonderful Afcat coaching in Chandigarh.


  • Missile development programs


The IGMDP (Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme) was executed by DRDO with the intention to establish the ability for designing and developing missiles locally and manufacturing them for three defence forces. The Astra beyond-visual-range air to air missile (BVR) is another important project of DRDO, for equipping air-superiority fighters of IAF.

The BrahMos programme of DRDO aims at developing a range of supersonic cruise missiles. The DRDO holds the responsibility for the navigation systems on the BraHmos, fire control systems and the Transporter Erector launcher.

The defence department of US has written a proposal to the defense ministry of India to collaborate jointly in developing an upgraded version of the Javelin anti-tank missile.

These programs will aid in enhancing the combat efficiency of Indian defence forces. Those who aim to enter Indian Naval force should prepare for the Cds exam. If they need guidance while preparing then they can join the most prestigious institute that can provide outstanding CDS coaching in chandigarh.


  • Anti-Satellite weapons ( ASAT)


The ASAT weapons were developed for electronic and physical destruction of satellites in both LEO and the higher geosynchronous orbit. The director-general of DRDO stated that India has all the building blocks necessary to integrate an anti-satellite weapon to neutralise combative satellites in polar orbits and low earth. India is developing an ex-atmospheric kill vehicle that can be integrated with missiles to engage satellites.


  • Military hardware, electronic warfare and cyber warfare


DRDO (Defence Research and development organization) is engaged in developing advanced Infantry Combat Vehicle “The Abhay”. The DRDO is also working for upgradation of T-72 along with it’s fire control systems. ARDE will soon develop Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher with a maximum range of 39-45 kms and is capable of exploding 12 volatile rockets in 40-45 seconds. This is the first project of Indian defence that involves Private sector.

There are numerous electronic warfare systems developed by DRDO for the Indian Air force and Indian Army and high-tech sonar systems for Indian naval force. The avionic programme of DRDO includes active phased array radar, direction finding pods, radar warning receivers, synthetic aperture radar, airborne jammers utilized by aircrafts of air force.

This technical upgradation has encouraged youth to join the airforce. All they need to do is qualify for the Afcat exam. If they need extra guidance while preparing for the exam then they can join a reputed institute that can provide world-class Afcat coaching in chandigarh.

  • Conclusion

The capabilities and efficiency of the Indian defence force is embellished in the points written above. This clearly states that defence forces are capable of combating any ravaging terror attack and maintain the peace of motherland. The highly advanced technical weapons help Indian infantry to prepare themselves for facing any uncertain situation.

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