How Is A Computer Virus Detected By An Antivirus Software?

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Understand Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is software whose task is to guard the computer so that unwanted stuff such as viruses, malware, and Trojan do not enter. It monitors the activity of a system and reacts the moment something is wrong.

The antivirus was introduced to counter cyber threats; nowadays, it comes with additional features, such as password management, webmail protection, safe browsing, and safe transactions.

Markets are filled with many antiviruses that have different features. Antiviruses like McAfee Antivirus, Kaspersky Total Security, and many more are there. They come with a free trial version that can be used for up to thirty days.

They have different packages that protect single and multiple devices. The packages need to be renewed either monthly or yearly. There are free versions as well for temporary protection.

Many antiviruses have an option of parental control so that kids can use the computer safely and prevent the occurrence of adult content.

How does the virus enter?

Before understanding the working of an antivirus, it is vital to understand how a virus enters a system.

Websites, USB keys and e-mails are the most common gateways for the entry of viruses. Luring e-mails are sent by the hackers, and people click on the attachments.

The result of such an action is the entry of malware or virus. Unsafe websites also do the same, and your system either slows down, or you lose your data.

USB ports are the common carrier of viruses. When you insert them into other devices, other than yours, then there is a possibility that it might be having a virus and once you insert it in your system, the virus will enter.

How does antivirus work?

There is a pattern that antivirus observes and detect the virus. Here are the following points that are used by antivirus:

2.     Viral signatures

It refers to the special characteristic of malware that is used to identify it by the antivirus. Like humans have unique features, malware, and viruses also have the same features.

By using those signatures, antivirus scans the files and look if similar signatures are available in any of the files. For successful detection, the antivirus must be updated as thousands of viruses arise daily.

The scanning is done frequently, and the virus is removed the moment it is found.

2.     Behavioral Detection

This is the observance of the behave of the files and suspicious activity. For instance, if a malicious file is trying to delete other files, the antivirus will identify the change and remove it on the spot.

After the removal, the change will be marked as a flag by the antivirus for future detection. In the future, if the same pattern will be seen, the antivirus will quarantine or delete the file.

Such a feature is known as real-time protection whose task is to monitor the activity of the files and look for suspicious activity.

3.     Rule-based control

It is the basic set of rules that an antivirus follows for monitoring the daily traffic, and blocking suspicious traffic. By using these rules, the software act as a barrier between secured and untrusted networks.

Another name for such a feature is Network Protection, under this you can enable other features, such as stealth mode. The most interesting feature is the block port, which does not allow hackers to check the vulnerabilities.

The stealth mode works by hiding your computer on the network, which ultimately protects your system from cyber attacks.

All the antivirus software performs for you with additional features to provide you with the best protection.

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Concluding words

Antivirus software is the only product of the technology that can ensure the protection of your computer and other devices as well. These are pocket friendly as you can use the same for single or multiple devices.

It’s high time when you should think about the protection of your system and make use of the best antivirus software.

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