How Invisalign Procedure can Improve Your Jawline

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Invisalign is said to be a clear teeth aligner that can be replaced in a forth night though some have to change after six months and more. The replacement depends on your teeth alignment and Invisalign works as an orthodontic procedure that can shift and align teeth technically into an appropriate position by improving your appearance. You will have to wear braces for at least 20-22 hours a day and remove them at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing for teeth straightening within the specified time. Don’t forget to ask your Invisalign provider about the best Invisalign offers in London before performing the procedure.

Suitable candidate for Invisalign

Based on the dental condition of patient, orthodontic-Invisalign treatment can be done accordingly. But patients need to consult with their orthodontists who know if Invisalign procedure is suitable for their needs. Invisalign can help to correct the problems of gapped teeth, open bite, overbite, underbite and crossed teeth.


How Invisalign method works

Most people do not want to feel uncomfortable while wearing their braces but they can improve their smile by performing Invisalign. These invisible aligners are metal-free and have been made to adjust with your teeth. They are designed in the form of trays that can arrange teeth proportionally so that your teeth can shift by almost 0.25mm on each tray and after at least two weeks, you have to move your teeth at the right position.

How Invisalign can correct your crooked teeth

Getting your teeth straightened with Invisalign is not about having an attractive smile or a wider-looking jaw. If you are having the problem of crooked teeth, you will probably suffer from jaw alignment issues that can lead to further problems.

Your dental problems that occur due to misaligned jaw are:

·        Development of severe pain in the jaw area

·        Uneven wearing of your teeth

·        Increased risk of gum infection due to food getting trapped

·        Higher chance of developing tooth decay and mouth cavities, as crooked teeth can be difficult to clean

Reasons your smile becomes narrow

·        Ageing – As you tend to grow age, your teeth move inwards slowly that can gradually narrow your smile and appearance of your jaw width. This can be the reason for different issues with the gum line and jawbone.

·        Braces – If you had braces in your young age and have stopped wearing them, chances are your teeth will probably move back to their actual positions. This will create the effect of a narrower smile and jaw.

·        Missing teeth – If you lost a tooth and did not replace it with an implant or bridge, the teeth on either side of the space will move inwards thus, causing surrounding teeth to do the same and narrow your smile. 

If you want to get your tooth replaced, you will have to straighten and allow an implant to be positioned properly.

How Invisalign can fix your jawline

A misaligned jaw might be the reason for your eating, talking, breathing and sleeping problems. In reality, a jawline that has some abnormality occur due to several aspects but it can be treated. If the cases are severe, corrective surgery should be done by an expert. An uneven jawline occurs due to certain aspects such as – birth imperfections, teeth alignment and TMJ disorders.

Here, teeth alignment is the main problem and when your teeth are misaligned, they do not enable your jaw to settle in their appropriate position. But Invisalign will help to correct these problems and the results may take longer time though the approach is worth it.

Though underbites and overbites can cause strain to the jaw nad gapped teeth, it exposes gums to periodontal diseases. In the same way, overcrowded teeth lead to plaque which makes it difficult to floss, and cavities can form on these areas. So, if you want to perform orthodontic- Invisalign treatment on your teeth, these problems is definitely a thing of the past.


How Invisalign can solve overbite issue

In this type of teeth alignment, the top teeth  stick out more than the lower teeth which make your chin appear soft and cheeks get sunken. Invisalign can help the arches to meet correctly and thus, he bite is aligned. The treatment results with a stronger chin and better jawline.


How Invisalign can treat underbite problems

Your lower teeth sits in front of upper ones which make the lower jaw protrude out, and when the treatment is done, you will find the difference. Invisalign, can correct the disproportion between your upper and lower jaws and fix how both the teeth and jaws come together by making your face look proportional and improved.


How Invisalign can fix openbite

When your front teeth do not meet properly, the condition is called an open bite. It can affect the way how you close your lips as you can achieve it by stretching lips to fit with the teeth. Your face will appear elongated and it can negatively affect your eating habits and speech. Though Invisalign can help the front teeth to meet, improve jawline and its function, your cheeks will definitely give you another reason to smile with confidence.


Can Invisalign widen your jaw?

Invisalign is said to be a popular and an effective way to get your teeth straightened by using almost-invisible aligners that are customized to adjust with your teeth. Though Invisalign does not affect the structure or shape of your jawbone, it gradually changes the position of your teeth for correcting issues such as crossbite and crowding. Due to this reason, it causes your smile to appear wider as the teeth become more visible on either side of your mouth. This can lead to visually-appealing effect of broader jawline even when you do not smile. But it is extremely important to know that Invisalign can help to address certain dental problems that are related to your crooked teeth.


Thus, if you find your jawline is not proportional, malocclusion might be the cause. But there is nothing to fear as the treatment can be easily accessible. You need to talk to an orthodontist and know if you can undergo Invisalign. If your condition is complicated, the jaw bone may be cut and relocated to its desired position. On the other side, others will necessitate physical therapy, regular exercises and other approaches. Make sure you are aware about the Invisalign cost in London before choosing a provider to undergo the procedure for your improved appearance.

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