How Do Restaurants Make Quality Pizza?

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Ever wondered why your pizza never tasted as good as that New Yorker pizza from Dominos? That is because restaurants spend a good amount of time researching and testing their ingredients. They give special attention to their dough and sauces as those are the things that make a pizza fly. The secret to the taste lies in how well you prepare your sauce and dough. Other things also come into play like high uniform temperatures and kitchen cooking techniques. This guide will help you achieve the same taste as you would get in any restaurant.

The Dough

Most of the pizza dough is yeast-based. The dough should be given enough time to rise. The dough needs to rise in a warm place. The warmer and isolated the dough is, the more evenly it will rise.  Another point to note here is to make your dough stretchy. Does your dough stretch evenly? If it does, then there are high chances that you have attained consistency. To prevent the dough from sticking, you can use cornmeal. Just make sure that you don’t stretch the dough too much. Don’t overwork your dough as it will make it stiff and too chewy. Overdoing your dough can also cause air bubbles. To finish off your dough, drizzle it with olive oil and add a pinch of garlic salt.

The Sauce

Here you can be creative. But make sure to not make it too overpowering. You can make your sauce sweet, spicy, even a bit sour. Just make sure that it is consistent overall. Most of the restaurants use spicy sauce and add some powerful ingredients to make their sauces even tastier. Now it is totally up to you what kind of sauce you want for your pizza. Just don’t overdo it because that can make your pizza soggy. Restaurants know just the right amount of sauce to put on the pizza. The sauce should not be dripping out of your pizza instead there should be a fairly thin layer of it to cover the whole dough. Use your sauce to complement the toppings and not overpower them.

The Toppings

If you have reached here, you are already halfway through making a perfect restaurant-style pizza. So what makes a good topping. Most of the topping consists of cheese. Experiment with different types of cheese to see what flavour you like the most. Another tip we would like to give you is to grate fresh cheese whenever you make pizza instead of using pre-grated cheese. When deciding vegetables and meat for your toppings, make sure you use fresh vegetables. For meat, it is better to cook it before putting it on pizza as some meats take longer to cook than the pizza dough.


We are sure that these tips will help you make a fine restaurant-style pizza. Just make sure to go easy with the sauce and be strict with the dough. Cook at high temperatures to ensure all-round consistency. Here are some great commercial pizza ovens for sale to make a neat pizza.

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