How Do Businesses That Manufacture Gojek Clones Make A Profit?

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Gojek Clone App provides 52+ on-demand solutions on a single platform. The app allows you to cover the entire market.

Customers love it when they can avail of delivery and services with just a few taps. And it looks like Gojek Clone is offering exactly what leads to a huge customer base in a short amount of time.

Contactless delivery, doorstep delivery, takeaway, same-day delivery, face mask verification, and safety badges are some of the advanced level features that are integrated which brings more.

Gojek Clone App is a profitable business with multiple sources of revenue from taxi booking solutions, on-demand delivery and services.

Some highlights of the Gojek clone:

A Gojek Clone is an app that provides similar features as Gojek. On-demand app development companies develop it. It provides entrepreneurs with the same features as Gojek and can be further customized as per their specific business needs.

The customer gets a smooth app experience with the various services provided to them. User can select only one service at a particular time. Services included in an app are taxi-sharing, food delivery, online payments, e-commerce business etc. People loved these super apps because they could get any service through the app with just a few taps on their device.

Gojek is a firm providing various services through an app. The company was established almost 12 years ago, on December 3, 2010 in Indonesia. In the beginning, they were doing only four services: online payments, food delivery, online shopping, and ride-hailing. At first, the name of the firm was derived from the word ‘ojek’, from ‘gojek’.


With the further development made in the company, they are presently providing 20 services to their clients. They are running their business in 6 countries of Asia. Now, in Indonesia, the company has 100 million monthly active users. and holds up to 80% of the multi-services app market in Indonesia.


Find the Best Gojek Clone App Development Company

If you want to venture into a service-based industry, developing Gojek like an app will benefit you immediately.

Choose a professional Gojek clone app development company in India that specializes in creating clone apps.

Talk about your project with the app development team to get technical guidance. Check out our customer testimonials and years of experience of a company working in this field.

Make sure they have successfully launched at least 1000+ apps in the Play Store/App Store. Take a demo of the app before placing an order. Customize the features and confirm the order. Once you’ve placed an order the team will start with the white-labelling process and launch your app in the store.


Transform Your Business With Innovative Multiservice Super App

Purchase Gojek Clone Script integrated with new features to innovate your on-demand multiservice business.

Your business will need something new to bring in more customers, to retain the old ones, and to generate more revenue. For this reason, on-demand apps are trending, replacing traditional businesses for good.

If you are planning to start a business idea, you can choose an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek.

Gojek Clone App meets the needs of your customers.

So, when you say you are developing a multiservice app, what kind of features are you going to integrate, what all services will be available to your customers, and what kind of features are you going to integrate to make the checkout process easier? Payment mode will apply.


Why Develop a Multi-Service App?

We live in an on-demand gig economy. People want to get everything at their convenience and quickly! Let’s say you want a Nutella Strawberry Waffle. Who would you go to in the middle of the night to pick you up from the City Center store? You will definitely turn to a food delivery service that offers instant door-to-door delivery.


This is an example of an on-demand service. Similarly, most people have a habit of washing their medicines, groceries, parcels and even cars. Therefore, Gojek Clone App is the best way to get everything you need within a few clicks and swipes!

Online Taxi Booking

Allow users to book a taxi ride from X point to Y in the city. Users just need to add their pickup location, destination, cab type and online payment method before sending a ride request.


A nearby taxi driver is invited to accept the ride request. Once the driver accepts the request, the user receives an in-app push notification, ‘XX has accepted your ride request’.


Grocery Delivery On Demand

Users who have installed the Gojek Like app on their smartphones can now order groceries from nearby supermarkets. The assigned delivery driver will then go to the supermarket, pick up the order, and deliver it to the user’s doorstep in Nigeria.

Users can see who the delivery driver is, who is their rating and whether they have been vaccinated or not. If the delivery is contactless, the driver will drop the order at the door, click and upload his/her picture as ‘proof’ on the app. And through a simple notification ‘Order placed’ the user will be notified about the delivery.


Drug Delivery

Medicine delivery is one of the most planned on-demand services on the app. After the epidemic, most people started ordering their medicines through Gojek Clone.


Users have to add the required medicine to the cart, upload the photo of the prescription and finally, confirm the order by selecting the appropriate payment method. To check whether a pharmacy store is adhering to the COVID-19 safety measures issued by WHO, users can visit the store’s profile to:

• Security Badge

• View photos of their stores and secure packaging process

• Read their reviews



It only takes 7 days to build your own Gojek-like app. If you’ve selected the right white-labelling company, the process only takes a few days. In addition to quick delivery, the entrepreneur also enjoys affordability in Nigeria!


So, do you want to become a millionaire without breaking the bank to develop your own app? Then the right time is now to get in touch with the sales representatives of the globally reputed company.


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