How Crocs Has Achieved Booming Sales Even During The Corona Pandemic?

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Crocs has made highest selling during the pandemic. The company has gained a valuation of $1.4 billion at a time when many other brands around the world were experiencing significant losses. Crocs declared a $185 million loss in 2008, which resulted in around 2000 job losses and numerous of retail shop closures throughout the world.


As shown in the graph, annual revenue of crocs started increasing slowly from 2017 before it reached ($1400MM) in 2020. Below is the insights about what changed during pandemics.

  • Crocs has more stores in the United States than any of its competitors, with 3698.
  • Crocs was the only brand with a revenue increase in 2020. Its competitors, on the other hand, were suffering from the worst revenue declines in the last decade.
  • Since 2017, the stock price of Crocs has been rising. Even in the midst of the pandemic, these haven’t decreased.
  • During the pandemic, Crocs had a sudden 120 percent growth in its assets.

Increasing Demand For Crocs

Crocs, a global leader in creative casual footwear, has a variety of shoe collections to choose from. Over 700 kinds of four-season casual footwear are included in the collections. Crocs became the ‘go-to’ shoe for many individuals in 2020, whether it was for comfort or customization. During the fashion comeback, the brand’s sales surged, and it shows no signs of stopping down.

We looked at Crocs’ revenue, locations, sales, and other important factors as part of this investigation.


Crocs recorded record revenues of $640 million in the three months ending June 30, 2021, then doubling the previous year’s figure. Due to robust customer demand, the company’s forecasted revenue for 2021 is predicted to increase by as much as 65 percent. Crocs’ quarterly revenue increased dramatically from roughly 280 million USD in Q1 2020 to about 630 million USD in Q2 2021, as shown in the graph below.

Crocs Graph
Crocs was far ahead of its competition in terms of income earned in 2020. You can see how its competitors’ revenue dropped by 5% to 30%, while Crocs’ revenue increased by 15%.



Crocs’ assets had a sharp decline from 2014 to 2019, but they rebounded in 2020 with a 120% growth. This, combined with its quarterly results, favorable business advances, and strong consumer demand, has all contributed to the company’s stock prospects improving.


Stock Prices

Crocs’ sales and stock prices have reached new highs as a result of the increase in assets. Crocs’ stock prices last fell in 2016, according to the annual percentage change in stock prices.

The prices have never fallen down since 2017, even during the pandemic. In reality, Crocs’ price of the stock is 171.46, over four times what it was at the start of 2020.


Range Of Products And Impressive Ratings

Crocs has 709 products on its webpage (including both Footwear and Jibbitz), ranging from sporty shoes to colorful and casual slip-ons. What’s even more surprising is that 542 of the 709 goods have received a 4/5 rating.


How Did Crocs Market Existed?

Crocs’ amazing success can be attributed to three primary factors:

  • Focus on major product pillars has been increased.
  • Digital marketing techniques that work
  • Distribution network that is efficient and has an omnichannel presence

Optimized Omnichannel Shopping Experience


Crocs made sure that the customer experience was uniform throughout all channels, including e-commerce, retail, and wholesale. To identify consumer preferences, the organization used methods such as assortment localization, supply chain responsiveness, inventory distribution, in-store traffic counts, merchandise analytics, and more.

Crocs made the omnichannel experience more enjoyable by combining the aforementioned with their loyalty programs, special discounts, and other online initiatives. Naturally, these ingenious techniques improved their brand image, increased income, and solidified their status as a customer-centric company.

Because of the lockdown, Crocs’ e-commerce share increased to 25.9% in 2020. In the footwear market, however, offline interaction is believed to be supreme. At comparison to the click-and-buy online experience, footwear customers are increasingly preferring the touch-and-feel experience in an offline store. Here’s how Crocs took advantage of the situation:

Physical Locations Of The Stores

Crocs has the most direct retail store locations in the United States – 3700 – when compared to its competitors. As you can see from the graph, Crocs has the most physical retail shop locations and outlets of any of its competitors. Vans is in second place in the United States, with 0.47K locations.


Crocs has partnered with several retailers, including Famous Footwear (29.3%), DSW (12.5%), and others in the United States, to build and sustain its brand positioning. Until 2020, retail stores accounted for roughly 96 percent of Crocs’ shop locations.

Crocs also used an ingenious online store business model. The number of Crocs locations and the population of each state were shown on a graph. Surprisingly, we discovered a linear link between the two, i.e., the bigger the population, the more Crocs locations there are.


Texas features roughly 350 Crocs shops, compared to only 170 in New York, which has a population of nearly 30 million people.

Strategic Planning And Customized Product Offerings

In 2006, Crocs bought Jibbitz and began producing personalized, ornamental footwear add-ons. The organization paid close attention to what their clients had to say. This allowed the company to quickly outrank its competitors as a customer-centric brand in short time.

Crocs also lives up to their slogan of providing “accessible, inexpensive, and comfortable” shoes to everyone. The success of their footwear range may be attributed to the high quality, ease of customization, and unsurpassed comfort. Plus, there’s more. The majority of these footwear options (437/709) are under $10.


Digital Presence

Crocs was able to overtake its competitors for a variety of reasons. One of them was their ingenious internet marketing plan. Crocs used social media to reach out to Generation Z. The retail juggernaut has done it everything, from seizing on fads to teaming with celebrity influencers. The company’s digital savvy has reinforced its efforts to reach out to them.

It has nearly 7.7 million subscribers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Final Thoughts

By 2026, the worldwide footwear market is expected to be worth $440 billion. Following the epidemic, the globe is preparing for the return of offline markets to enhance in-store purchasing experiences. Retail shop location data analysis, on the other hand, can give you a strategic advantage over your competition during this period. From the Locationscloud analysis Data Store, you can easily obtain ready-to-use retail store location datasets. Our data store delivers weekly updates on millions of POIs from thousands of brands across several countries.

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