How Competitive Coaching Industry Reinvents for Future

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While the whole economy has been impacted by the pandemic, the competitive coaching industry has faced the most serious implications. Students have now opted for online courses for government jobs, for competitive exams such as SSC, NEET, UPSC etc have been gearing up with some extensive preparation more after the pandemic.

The basic prerequisites of the preparation of government jobs with respect to the syllabus and the study materials remain more or less the same, what has changed majorly is the approach to the preparation of such exams.
There are a few aspects that have changed such as :

Mode of Study Has Changed Drastically

Online courses have been introduced across the country, be it the metro cities or any other parts of the country. Such exams have been shaping the futures of not only the students but the country as a whole. The exam industry has adapted to the new modes of study and has started  New modes of study such as online access to study materials, new platforms for interactions and new ways to study with whiteboards are some of new things.

Growth in Suburban Cities

The change after the pandemic has shifted the focal point from the metro cities or urban hubs of education. With the rise in new approaches, there has been a gradual rise in the suburban cities that were earlier less prominent as compared to the metro cities. Though the metro cities have had it easy when it comes to infrastructure and easy implementation of technology for education, the other cities are also picking up pace gradually by introducing online coaching classes for government jobs, for competitive exams such as SSC, NEET, UPSC, etc. With the restrictions in movement across the country, when the students are restricted to their homes, the suburban cities who have adopted the new technology-based learnings have been a relief for the students who opt for competitive exams online coaching classes for exams like SSC RRB, NTPC, GATE.

Digital Platforms have revolutionized Education and Exams

Both the students and the coaches have adapted to the changes after the pandemic. Though technology and education go hand in hand, the bond between the two has grown stronger over time. The education system and competitive exams have adjusted to the paradigm shift with the help of technology. There has been a wide range of platforms backed by technology such as AI-backed mechanisms that have eased up the process of the otherwise tough system.

System to Coach more Number Students than Earlier

Earlier the online courses seemed impossible exams earlier more about the physical presence of students in classrooms and face to face interactions. All this has changed, with the changed mode of studies and preparation, more and more students can now reap the benefits of e-learning and assessment options. The restrictions in the number of students per batch is now a thing of the past. More students can now avail to online mock tests and assessment tests all thanks to technological advancements.

Strong Network of Certified Coaches 

Though competitive exams can be cleared through rigorous self-study, having a coach to guide can help the students better to clear some of the toughest competitive exams. Earlier the coaching institute faculties were restricted to the cities they resided in, some of them made occasional visits for guest lectures or sessions but now the gap is filled. With online preparations, the best coaches can now help students with online studies no matter which place they reside in. The daunting task of traveling, spending time to and fro is now saved and can be used for better educational purposes. 

Rigorous Evaluation Systems

With the change in the structure of coaching for examinations, new evaluation systems have also come up to facilitate easy preparation of government jobsThese data-based evaluation systems backed by technology have helped the coach to check the progress of students. 

Multiple Approaches at All Levels

To cater to the various students willing to prepare for their subjects, coaching institutes now have better systems in place for accountability at levels when it comes to students or programmes the students have opted for. There is also an increased scope for quick tests and iterations in the approach if necessary. 


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