How Can You Make Your Kids Bathroom Their Favorite?

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Décor of kids bathrooms is one of the crucial segments of styling kids space. Because as much as it is a refreshing space, it is a play area as well. But that happens in a case when the bathroom enchants the kids. Otherwise, you have to force them to bathrooms for performing daily activities. Be it a kid or an adult- a tidy and good-looking bathroom elevates the mood. You can help your child enjoy and break his act of aberration towards the bathrooms. Follow the steps to make your kids bathrooms their ultimate favorite space and make them joyous.

1- Add a theme:

The fundamental thing that appeals to the kids is a themed bathroom. Consider decorating the bathroom in an alignment followed by a particular theme. Adding your kid’s favorite theme will turn out like a cherry on the cake. You can choose themes like Avengers, monsters, marine, and pirates on the ocean for boys. And for girls, you can choose themes like fairytale, princess, and forest themes. There is no hard and fast rule about themes- they can go any way for both boys and girls. What matters is your kid’s interest. Choose a theme that aptly goes with the choice of the kids. Now when you have thought of a theme, make sure that you completely go with it. From washbasins to bathtubs, curtains to towels, floor rugs to tiles, everything must synchronize with the theme. Unarguably, it makes this place an ultimate favorite one for kids.

2- Add colours:

Colours are the best things you can add to a bathroom. Sparkle the colours in the bathroom to excite the kids’ pursuit of adventure. You must choose light colours that add a refreshing and lively. The colours that coordinate with the theme makes the bathroom cheerful. If you do not opt for a theme, plain coloured paint coordinated with curtains and contrasted with bathroom accessories create a peppy and lively look. You can also mingle with lots of colours to create a rainbow theme. It is easy to do and an attractive theme to get a sublime appearance.

You play with colours in the bathroom, and your kids will enthusiastically opt to play in there.

3- Augment with accessories:

Whether you are going with a theme or maintaining it plainly, a handful of attractive accessories will make your kids hooked to the bathroom. Some of the significant accessories for kids bathrooms are beautiful shower curtains, toilet step, sink extender, automatic toothpaste dispenser, and lotion dispenser. Since kids love playing with water, you must provide them ample space for playing with the water that has small floating accessories. You can place decorative accessories in the storage area, washing area, and honestly, anywhere you want.

4- Label the items:

Designing labelled hooks are another exciting thing that you can add to kids’ bathrooms. For a toddler, you can fix hooks with alphabets and for a grown-up kid, you can place titled hooks, jars, and containers. It adds a more kids factor to the bathrooms and also makes it easy for kids to find the right thing for the right activity.

5- Slip-free surfaces:

Nothing is more important than the kids’ safety. Their safety not should be put at stake for the sake of joy and entertainment. Add rubber mats on surfaces vulnerable to heavy water flow like shower place. You can also install non-slip floor tiles which prevent making a surface slippery. You can buy these super-secure and cheapest tiles in the UK from any market.

So, that is how you can make your kid’s bathroom a cool spot to chill and to refresh. But this not written in stone, you can bring out more creativity and ideas to make it even more exciting.

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