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How Block chain Technology can potentially Change the Packaging industry?

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The packaging industry is playing a key role in the success of all kinds of manufacturing businesses. Product presentation, protection, and secure shipping to long distances are key purposes that it fulfills for them. Product-oriented designs and shapes of boxes help brands and retailers in presenting their products elegantly in front of customers. These packages are also a great source of branding and marketing for brands. State-of-the-art printing technologies are used to print boxes to grab the attention of customers. Also, perfect customization like die-cut windows, laminations, and other embellishments make boxes adorable and practical. Secure shipping and storage capabilities are making them the need of all manufacturing brands and businesses. That is why this industry is growing fast. Using packages for products you deal in can help you maximize sales and brand recognition in the market.

What is Blockchain Technology? 

Blockchain technology is an advanced and decentralized database that is going to bring a change in all industries. This ledger holds all the records about a product from its origin to coming and going and everything. It is accessible for all without the ownership of any entity. That is why this technology is known as a decentralized database.

How Can It Revolutionize The Packaging Sector Potentially?  

Custom packaging industry is also getting impacted by it. Blockchain technology is going to change the fate of this industry in many ways. The following are some key impacts it will make for companies in this industry.

Enhance Brand Protection

Brand protection is one of the prime objectives of any business owner that can be accomplished with packaging. The involvement of blockchain technology in this industry is going to change brand protection standards and measures. This technology is capable of preventing the respective brands from identity theft. QR codes integrated with this technology are making it easy for customers to find the origin of the product by scanning. Customers will have to just point their phones to printed QR codes on the box. This will enable them to find that the product is original or fake. In this way, brands secure their identity in every aspect.

Secure Shipping

Product tampering during the shipping process is one of the major troubles that a lot of brands and firms face. The usage of blockchain in the boxes used for shipping can help respective brands to prevent tampering prospects. Imprinted QR codes and unified blockchain features make it easy for buyers to check any kind of infraction. The usage of this technology for that purpose in this industry will benefit brands and businesses in ensuring maximum customers satisfaction. They will be able to deliver what customers have been ordered for. This is also a key for attracting maximum customers.

Product Transparency

Another way in which blockchain can transform the industry of custom packaging is by improving product transparency. This technology enables boxes to depict the data and information about the packaged products. The usage of this feature in boxes for product retailing and shipping can help brands win the trust of customers. The aspect that makes this technology reliable is its trustworthiness. Any recorded data on it cannot be reversed at any level. This always helps customers to reach the origin of the products and supplies used in their manufacturing.

Along with product transparency and winning customers’ trust, data protection is also a key benefit of this technology. It stores all legally required data about the product. However, companies can limit data access to protect their private data. Permissioned access to the data also helps firms to avoid potential frauds and data breaches. Using these blockchain features in product packages can lead firms to the next levels.


Companies are using this technology to minimize their costs that are essential for documentation, procedural delays, and errors. In this sector, this blockchain can bring a massive change for brands and businesses using product boxes. All such cited costs will drop for them, which will also help box manufactures to improve their sales and profitability. This will give the industry a boost to thrive and adopt innovations.

Examples of Blockchain Usage

You might not see excessive usage of this technology in the box manufacturing industry, but it is already in action. Brands like Walmart, Aral, and Nestle are the brands that are using this technology for their food products. According to the latest researches, transparency is the major factor that is pulling these brands towards blockchain. Many pharma firms are also using this technology for their product packages. They are doing so to make it easy to trace the product for customers.

Described features of blockchain make it easy to understand that it can bring change to the packaging industry. Using this technology, this sector can gain greater success. All e-commerce, shipping, and supply chain companies will be looking for boxes holding this technology. Reduction of costs for documentation and other flaws also make this technology tempting for firms.

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