How a Virtual Employee can Reduce your Business Operation Costs by up to 70%

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Every business aims to wage a war to raise the bar of profits and productivity every now and then. So, it is a basic mindset of business owners to invest less yet adhere to the maximum margin of outcome. With the pledge of working from home due to the COVID19 pandemic, all business bodies have emphasized on producing maximum output virtually, where they can plan for their employee wellbeing and get along with curtailing huge costs on infrastructure and saving lofty fixed costs. In this blog you will understand the boons you meet when you hire dedicated employees in India.

You have been acquainted with a lot of terms during this era namely, virtual working, work from home, offshore services, and outsourcing. All these processes have a common objective:  getting tasks done and accomplishing goals without having to commute to the physical office.

You need to first decide upon the objectives of your projects that you wish the offshore team to accomplish without any room for risks. They are accountable and answerable for all their responsibilities and allow you to save lofty operational costs. Attain your results without overarching or managing anything in-house, yet get result driven providers with the blink of an eye.

The best reasons to hire virtual employees – Why outsourcing makes sense?

Instead of stressing upon bringing down costs, you can make things easier by lubricating the process of working through outsourcing offshore experts who encompass all the necessities that your organization demands.

The reason to opt for virtual employees is to reduce your operation costs as more than 59 percent of multinational companies are already outsourcing in India.


Because that saves them the cost, time and effort with no compromise on the quality and quantity of output. The virtual employees produce greater performance with long term planning, credible coordination and keep communication clarity by committing to better revenues and customer bases.

1.      No infrastructure costs: When you have virtual employees, you need not spend on the infrastructure, for they function remotely. The need to commute to physical offices is dissolved,

2.      Salary reductions: By hiring virtual employees, you can cut down on the salaries of employees by up to 70 percent. There is no obligation of hiring new people and allocating them full time work or salary.

3.      Premium technology at affordable prices: With your growing business, you would see the urge of hiring programming and development experts who have the best idea and experience about state-of-the-art technologies, languages, software, and cloud development. You can beat the competition without pondering on “how to’s”, thus, meeting new avenues of success by directing your focus towards matters that demand your attention.

4.      Break off taxation: You are not liable to pay taxes when you are outsourcing your projects to another country. This way, you can forgo taxes and other additional costs while opting for offshore services.

5.      No recruitment stress: Outsourcing simply means that you get all your services done without the need to recruit people on-board or for in-house tasks. If you have a physical office, you need to find resources for every task that demands productivity. But with a diligent crew working virtually, you get all the necessary services done within the deadlines you set and the budget you decide. The pressures of training the in-house employees gets sorted for once and for all.

6.      Phenomenal flexibility: With virtual employees, you can transition from traditional techniques to modern technologies to check on all your assigned tasks from the comfort of your home. The internet rules the age which makes employees overcome any possible challenges that come their way with new ideas and prospects. Communication is the most feasible, as you can connect with service providers and get a transparent picture of their strategies and execution in a jiffy, without visiting them personally.

7.      Work-life balance: Outsourcing allows you to opt for a better work-life balance rather than pressing yourself with the bills of electricity, infrastructure, interiors and internet. Hire virtual employees at most cost-effective prices with a consistent control over them, without bearing the least hassle.

8.      Around the clock services: There is no time restriction imposed on the virtually working professionals as they are available during the timings you feel convenient and comfortable working in. They can work around the clock from the comfortable precincts of their home. To know the status of their work, you can easily connect with them through a plethora of platforms like Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, or any other remote communication systems to gather information about what has been done and what assignments are on the process.

9.      Suitable for all business sizes: Virtual employees readily accept to work for small to large businesses who are willing to outsource their assignments, with great enthusiasm. Whether you own a start-up or an enterprise, hiring offshore resources always works in your favor, thanks to a flexible workforce eager to bring you the best possible output.

10.  Loyal turnovers: Having virtual employees working for you generates great revenue as they are dedicated in assisting you whole-heartedly. They allow you to scale your business to heights with their expertise and reliability, thereby enhancing the long-term relations.


If you are planning to raise your profits by 100 percent, then the best choice is to cut down on 70 percent of the unnecessary costs. There have been immense number of outsourcing success stories to count on, by businesses that made decisions to hire a virtual employee globally.

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