Hot work hazards and precautions

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The work in which the naked flames are produced or used is called as hot work or the work in which source of ignition is used is called hot work for example when we use grinding or welding operations we use the source of heat. Understand more with us as Ray Force is one of the infamous fire fighting companies in Dubai!

The hazards that are faced while we do the hot work

·        While grinding or welding there are lots of chances of fire and explosion. Go for hazard free hot work with the help of fire fighting consultant in Dubai!

·        The sparks that are occurred during the grinding is also the hazard.

·        The work of welding and grinding is done with the help of the power supply and when there is the leakage of the electric current the electrocution takes place and in simple language the workers at the site can get the electric shock. Visit Ray Force one of the best fire protection companies in Sharjah!

·        The toxic fumes that come out during the hot work are also called hazard.

·        To get burns while working is also called hazard and these burns can be of first and second, third degree.

·        The infra red rays while welding if seen with the naked eyes can cause lots of eyes problem and that also comes in hazard. Get fire maintenance services UAE from us to save the lives!

·        The arcing or the arc formation of electricity is very dangerous because it may cause harm with the burns or fire eruption.

·        There are lots of reasons for the cut injury as well.

·        While grinding there is lot of noise pollution.

·        The vibration caused during the work is also one of the hazards.

What are the precautions necessary while one is on the hot work?

There some small points given below that are the precautions while doing the hot work

·        One has to ensure that there should not be any flammable material in the vicinity of the hot work.

·        In case if the workers are unable to remove the inflammable material in the vicinity of the hot work point then they have to firstly cover it with the fire resistant blanket and then can start off the work.

·        There should be no litters on the floor or the floor should be clean and clutter free.

·        The individuals should have the personal protective equipment like leather gloves of full length, Apron, goggles, leather leg guard, helmet, filter-mask and hand sleeves etc.

·        The ELCB or electric leakage circuit breaker of 30 mill ampere should be installed.

·        The areas that are congested need to go for gas testing before the work starts.

·        There should be a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and fire watcher near the site of the hot work.

·        The spark should be contained within the welding chamber.

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Hot work hazards and precautions

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