Home-Schooling has Been Gone to Inferno Due to Covid-19

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Effect of pandemic coronavirus on schools:-

All the schools had been closed since March across the country due to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Then the government decided to shift classes and lectures to an online system in order to overcome flaws and deficiencies caused by the closing of schools. While parents say that this is not a reliable alternative to school-oriented education, pupils are not getting the standard education and facing different issues in getting online lectures from home. It will affect the whole community of pupils negatively if schools are not open as soon as possible. 

Home-Schooling has Been Gone to Inferno Due to Covid-19, and we can help you to solve math problems online

Reopening of Schools:-

Now, keeping in view the present situation of disasters of the pandemic, the government decided to reopen all the schools at the start of September in the UK. The decision is made to ensure the overcome of educational defects as the online education system destroyed pupils’ mental level and intellectual level. Moreover, parents are also not satisfied with the online mode of study; they say this leads their children to hell; it will induce an irreplaceable loss to the whole community. The quality of online lectures does not meet with education standards, which should be delivered to children. While a majority of students are unable to get access to online lectures due to the unavailability of modern information technology resources. Moreover, closure of schools has impacted the negative effect on children’s behavior; they are become more sluggish and stressed out. Therefore, all the parents are willing to reopen schools so that their children may get proper education and can develop mentality along with skills.


The schools of Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced full-time classes in schools that will be restarted at the start of September. While in some areas, the government is seeking to reopen schools for a short daily routine in order to minimize contact and interaction of pupils to avoid the spread of the virus.  nursing essay writing service is also playing an important role in helping students to complete their college and university assignments without going to their institution.


Safety of pupils in schools:-

Once the schools are reopened, there is a high threat of spreading the virus quickly, unless proper safety measures are practiced in schools. The parents have written to the Chairperson of Education Select Committee, Mr. Robert Halfon, to deliver a distinct and extensive work-plan to ensure the safety of pupils in the schools, when they are returned to schools in September. The authorities must establish safety measures in the schools so that parents are satisfied with their children’s safety account and well-being. No matter, in which circumstances, where they are going to learn, the safety of pupils must be kept at the priority of all the tasks. 


Dual responsibility of parents:-

While in this online education system, every parent is overwhelmed with the maintenance of children’s online lectures and their jobs for earning. They have to manage both the tasks collectively, which is a complex task for them. Some parents were reduced to tears while saying, and it is a tiresome task for them to maintain a balance between their jobs and the education of their children; they do not compromise on any single task. They demanded from the government to readily solve this issue because it is not suitable to play educators’ role in the home and do the job outside the home, it induces more stress and tensions. 


A survey of Parents-responds regarding homeschooling:-

A research group carried out a survey on social media regarding the experiences of parents with homeschooling. In this survey, more than 250 parents participated and shared their points of view. The majority of them were swamped with bearing this situation of homeschooling and their job tasks from home. This survey covered up many storied of famous families across the country, such as Macclesfield, Southampton, Crawley, Lytham St Annes, Leeds, and many more. A brief report was prepared and delivered directly to the Chairperson of the Selection Committee of Education, Mr. Halfon. The parents were hopeful as to hear up their voices by the authorities.


Problems facing parents in homeschooling:-

Almost 80 % of parents are stressed out to maintain a fair practice of homeschooling for their children, as they also have to do jobs. Some of them are doing part-time jobs to overcome financial issues, and they are totally unable to make a check and balance for their children’s education. One single mother shared her worst experiences about homeschooling in the survey, and she said that it had been a hell to share the only table of her small house with her son so that he can attend his online lecture, while she has also to do her job work at the time. It creates a very difficult situation daily for her. So she is waiting to get help from the authorities in the shape of schools’ reopening as soon as possible. She added I couldn’t do dual duties, and I can only either try to keep my job or try to learn my child through online lectures. 


Another mother shared her experiences regarding the online mode of education, and she explained that the closure of schools had crumbled the routines of children, as they are not getting up early in the morning as they know there are no schools to go. At the same time, most children have become irritating and vexing because they are stressed out to stay at home and not get the necessary education. Her child was unable to work independently; as a result, there was a lack of motivation, and self-discipline in his child resulted from isolation from other kids. He cannot get any exercise, as there is no one at home to make him understand if he is facing any trouble.   


Another mother reduced to tears and complained that she is compromised as a mother and an employee in this terrible situation where both the responsibilities can not be denied. The one responsibility is compulsory to fulfill her financial needs while the other one needs her child progression in the community. She has experienced that homeschooling is extremely hard for her; she cannot help out her child in getting understandings of the daily topic of his education. It has created a pang of guilt because we are not good at doing our job and teaching our children well. 



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