Home designing Trends going away in 2021

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Our houses are an integral part of our lives. It reflects our taste and culture. Quite often we bring in some minor or major changes to our homes as the home styles evolves. But, the pandemic wave in 2020 changed everything including the way we shop. The lockdown period where houses were turned into working spaces, gym, home schooling spaces etc, made us realize what our house actually needs. Most of us might have felt the need for more space, while others must have felt the need for more furniture, and some must have felt the need of a smaller house. It really depends on what your need was during the lockdown. 

Regardless of you moving into a new house or redoing the current house, the main ideal is to increase the resale value of the house. Let’s look at some of the trends that will surely be a no in the year 2021. 

 Modern Farmhouse 

Modern Farmhouse was really a trend of 2010. With time these trends are going away to pasture. There was a certain pattern being followed while doing the interiors of the farmhouse. It usually had big barn doors, colour schemes of black and white. But, it was a trend of the past, now the homeowners are actually leaving these trends and are more inclined to expressing their own style and personality in their homes. Many homeowners what to depict themselves when they plan to do their homes. Some might prefer minimum furniture, while some might preform more of small furniture, some want to express their luxurious side. A house is really a shadow of what you’re. 


2.     Single purpose spaces 

Single purpose spaces are no longer functional for families and this was soon realized by many in the times of Covid when one space had to be used for multiple purposes. Couples and families want to convert their work space at home into gyms in the evening, study space can be also used as a play area for kids after online classes. Therefore, it is a necessity to transform single purpose spaces into multi purposes spaces and hence this necessity has turned into a trend for coming year. This latest trend can be witnessed in the latest premium apartments in Hyderabad.

3.     Open concept floor 

Open floor concept was very much trending a few years back. But, as people started to realize the important of having multi-purpose spaces, along with that they have also realized to how important it is to have separated rooms for different activities. Gated community flats in Kukatpally, Hyderabad brings to you a smart housing plan with different amenities. An open floor concept might make your area feel more spacious and an airy but along with that it keeps things very messy. Smells from kitchen, the high TV volume, toys scattered all around etc. Therefore having separated rooms and divisions allows to keep the home more neat and sorted. 


4.     Neutral colour palettes 

Basic neutral colour tones are out in the year 2021. These are definite no when it comes to walls. People are now learning to acknowledge their love for colours as they understand that having colours will change the mood and build up a new energy. Experimenting with new colours will change the way you look at your house and will give it a totally new vibe. 


5.     All white kitchens

It’s clearly time to part ways with the color white when it comes to your kitchen. All white is a strict no. Being home in the entire situation of Covid has surely made us understand our house better and the vibe we get when we are home. Therefore many of us now want our houses to reflect our personalities. Colored appliances are back on track. More of wooden flooring, stylish kitchens that reflect the people of the house. 


6.     Minimalistic Decor 

Having minimalistic decor can feel quite cold, barren and unwelcoming. In addition to this, it is quite tough for people who like collecting prized possessions. The trend that is coming newly in is comfort built ins. These allow you to be super comfortable and not over-do it and along with that it also provides you a different way to show off your prized possessions. 


These are few trends that are surely going away in 2021. Being at home for the longest it made people feel as to what could be the different purposes that we can use our house for. Turning single spaces into multi spaces, having separated rooms for different activities etc,. Also many felt that the house should follow trend and not their personalities, but with spending more time indoors people have definitely wanted their personality element in their homes. Therefore, from living rooms to kitchen to bedrooms, people want a reflection of their own. 


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