When Do You Need To Hire A Roofer?

Hire a roofer
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When Do You Need To Hire A Roofer?

Owning your own house is a huge accomplishment. It’s also a huge responsibility. There are many things you need to learn about taking care of your new home and the most important part is your roof.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home and any damage to this part can affect the rest of the house. A leaking roof can sag and even collapse. This can lead to extensive damage that will have you spending a fortune to fix.

Don’t worry, this isn’t as complex as it sounds. The following are a few examples of signs to look out for.

1. Water Stains or Dripping

If you notice any water stains on the interior or exterior walls of your home, you could have a leak. Check where the water could be coming from. It’s possible there is a leak in your roof or a problem with your gutters.

Even a damaged gutter can cause more problems to your roof. Gutters are the first defense for your roof to drain water. If there is a problem here, it could affect the roof and lead to expensive damages.

Call a roofing professional if you notice these signs to have them repair any leaks or damage quickly before it gets any worse.

2. Moss or Mold

If you notice moss or mold growing on your roof or the exterior walls of your home, this is a sign that there is a problem with your roof. Moss and mold need moisture to grow so having moss growing on your home is not a good sign. Mold is common in damp basements, so it is going to be common in areas of high moisture. Check the area around the moss and see if you can spot any obvious damage or indication that water is trapped under the roof or wall.

3. Missing shingles

Missing shingles don’t automatically cause leaks, but that unprotected spot on your roof can get damaged and cause a leak. If you notice a missing shingle, it’s important to call a Placerville, California roofing contractor to have it replace as soon as possible.

Watching out for these signs can save you a lot of time and money by catching damage before it can spread further. It’s a good idea to call for a roofing expert after you buy a new home to have a full inspection done so you know there isn’t any problems right away.

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