Here’s What You Need To Know About The Durability Of LED Neon Signs

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When it comes to marketing your business or store, nothing does the job like LED neon signs. They’re vibrant, customizable and come in various shapes and sizes. You can get the most creative with these signs and give your store a new look.


Neon lighting comes in a hand-crafted glass tube, whereas LED lighting comes in its own polymer jacket. Whichever you purchase, ensure it is durable, resistant against damages, and completely lights up the area. The LED neon signs are made from small-sized LED bulbs which are set close together into a thick plastic packing. These signs can be bent in a shape, and cut into your desired length. . Let’s see which other features it has.



An LED neon light is flexible in shape and size, and can be customized in various colors.A good neon sign company can customize an LED neon sign for your business regardless of the complexity of the shape or the details. Make sure you convey your requirements clearly to the neon sign company and you can also ask them for any design ideas to give your neon signage a more professional touch. This brings variation and turns the workplace brighter.



The neon lights are waterproof and resistant against any liquid substances.. The monsoon lasts for months, and sometimes it rains heavily. Your LED neon lights will remain safe against such calamities, which would not fail to attract customers even during these unfavorable conditions. Due to resistance against these harsh conditions, the lifespan of the lights increases.


Transformer life

Transformers are considered to be the heart of the LED neon light. The input drives a coil around an iron core that provides a stepped-up voltage as the output. These transformers offer a very long life-span that can support a higher capacity and run at a higher operating temperature too. You can expect the time-span of the light around 8-15 years. The neon signs meant for outdoor use come in direct contact with sunlight which might not last long as that of indoor neon light. This highly depends upon the material that is used to manufacture the neon sign.

Tube life

The neon sign also comes in the shape of a tube. The shapes could be cylindrical, zig-zag, and like a lightning series which you can hang up anywhere you desire. . The durability of these tube-shaped neon light signs is generally 8-15 years,However, the exact longevity depends on the usage of the neon light.



The repairing of the neon sign lights is quite simple. There are high chances that over the years the neon sign of your store might fade and won’t be as bright as they were in the  beginning. In that case, you can add the gas or replace the transformer of your neon sign. If it happens in the tube-shaped lighting then repairing or recoating will be an effective solution.  

How to ensure the longevity of LED neon signs?

An LED neon sign generally comes with a lifespan of 4 years. Most of the companies provide a warranty card for this. The overuse of these neon lights and their direct contact with heat can reduce the longevity of the signs. This is because the transformers can’t bear overheating. So make sure to keep it that way. Switch off the light during the day, and place it on the wall inside of your store. If you are placing it outside, then make sure to attach a roof over it.

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