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As a new owner of an iPhone, you might say “it’s a preposterous statement” if someone suggests that your Apple device is no different from other mobile devices. Well, the iPhone is arguably the best phone today, but it, too, does not guarantee smooth performance until its forced retirement day. After a few years or months, you might experience issues while using this powerful device. It might be due to manufacturing defects, accidental damages, or wear and tear. There is no need for you to feel dejected, as a majority of the issues can be solved by a well-established iPhone service centre in your city. After the repair job, you can again enjoy the use of its incredible features.


Common Issues Handled by iPhone Service Centre


Battery draining faster than usual: There is not much difference between an iPhone battery and batteries of other portable gadgets. They are all consumable items, and their full charge capacity decreases as they wear out. You will experience several problems because of the old battery. It will also slow down the performance of your iPhone. One of the obvious signs of a dying battery is that it drains faster than usual, which means you need to recharge your device frequently. Luckily, the battery is a replaceable component, and you can take the help of technicians at the iPhone service centre and install a fresh one in your iPhone.


Screen damage:  The cracked iPhone screen is an ugly sight, but there is nothing to feel ashamed about it. You are not the only one who has accidentally dropped the expensive Apple device on the ground from a height. The damaged screen is counted among the most common iPhone issues, and, luckily, it can be fixed within a day. Repair technicians replace the broken screen with a new one, making your iPhone look and perform like almost a brand new one.


Phone won’t turn on after contact with water: The world’s best phone also does not like to come in contact with water or liquids. Exposure to water can cause substantial damage to your iPhone. As you cannot keep it covered in a custom-made, mini-raincoat, you have to be careful about not getting it wet. But, if you accidentally drop it in water or spill liquid on it, keep calm, turn the device off immediately (do not try to charge it or try to turn it on if it is already off), and contact a service centre known for its excellent iPhone repair services. You have to make sure that it is the best in the city and has a team of highly experienced professionals, as fixing the water-damaged iPhone is a complicated process. 



Referred as the “Queen of Deccan”, Pune is the cultural capital of India. It was earlier the seasonal capital of Bombay presidency, and is now a popular tourist attraction that offers a cool weather, historic monuments, parks, hotels, views and much more. Besides this, it houses many of the top corporate organizations and industries as well. This is also the reason why people here go hand-in-hand with the latest technological advancements. In the city, everyone can be seen spending an entire day using premium devices like iPhone to execute various personal and professional jobs. They are well aware of the fact that this phone can do a lot more than simple calling and texting.


However, as no phone is immune to damages, your iPhone can suffer a minor to major damage at any point of time. This also indicates that despite Pune’s calming weather, you may find yourself sweating out of stress, if anything happens to your iPhone. But in a situation like this, instead of fretting, you should contact a reliable third-party repair center for iPhone repair in Pune. The city has many techies that offer an unmatched customer experience with their exceptional quality services. In addition, you do not have to worry about rushing all the way to a distantly located repair center. With just one call, you can ask them to visit you at any location of your preference. 


If you are still not sure about handing over your iPhone in their hands, here is all that you should know about the services and additional benefits they offer.

  1. Lifetime warranty – It may sound surprising but is absolutely true that many of the independent service centers provide lifetime warranty on their services. Such centers have immense confidence in their repair process as well as in the craftmanship of the technicians. After the repair job, if the same issue occurs in the future, you can contact the repair center and demand a free of cost repair service. In addition, any damage that takes place during the repair job will also be addressed by the technicians, without causing any trouble to you.
  2. Free pick and drop facility – The mobile repair centers completely understand that it is not always possible for you to take your phone to them. Hence, they make sure to send one of their runners to your location to collect the phone and take it to the center for diagnosis. At the same time, they even safely drop it back at any location of your choice, without charging you any extra cost.
  3. Same-day repair service – For iPhone repair in Pune, the reputed repair shops do not want you to struggle or experience separation anxiety for days. Their experienced technicians ensure to repair your phone in a flash, and deliver back your fully functioning device back to you the same day they receive it for repair. Additionally, they equip you with a standby iPhone so that you can carry on with your day’s activities without experiencing any issue.
  4. Genuine repair parts and tools – It has been rightly said that an aftermarket copy of a genuine part is no better than a damaged part. This implies that using an aftermarket part can cause an irreparable damage to it. All the renowned repair centers only use authentic repair parts for iPhone services like battery replacement, screen replacement, or for any other damaged part. Also, they first provide all the proofs regarding the authenticity of the repair part and only then move forward with the repair process.
  5. Experienced and trained technicians – The city has a number of repair centers that have highly skilled technicians who are equipped with advanced, level 4 iPhone repair skills. They can handle every minor to major issue associated with your phone in a flash. So, you can definitely breathe a sigh of relief, and handover your phone to them without thinking twice.

How repair services operate in Pune?


  • You give the repair center a call, and submit your request online. 
  • After the center receives your request, they send a package to the location of your preference. This package contains a carrying box, a bubble case, a shipping bag with a shipping label, and also a SIM tray opener in the package so that you can easily remove the SIM from your phone.
  • Next, the center sends one of its runners to your location to pick the device, and drop it at the center. There, the technicians run a few tests to diagnose the problem and then inform you about the same. 
  • After the repair process, they drop the device back to your location. 




If you are experiencing any difficulty in smoothly using your iPhone, then you should immediately contact a reputed repair center. When it comes to availing the service of iPhone repair in Pune, you have a wide range of repair centers that offer lifetime warranty, same-day repair, genuine repair parts and tools, free pick and drop, and most importantly, experienced technicians. 


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