Helpful tips for PCOD and diet for PCOD

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disease in which either or both ovaries are characterized by hormonal imbalances, irregular cycles and/or the development of small cysts.

Up to 7% of adult women may be affected by this disease.

The hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, and inflammation associated with this disorder make it difficult to lose weight for women with PCOS.

However in women with PCOS, even a modest weight loss of about 5 percent can boost insulin tolerance, hormone levels, menstrual cycles, fertility, and overall quality of life.

1. Lower your carb intake

Due to the effect of carbs on insulin levels, lowering your carb consumption can help control PCOS.

Around 70 percent of women with PCOS have insulin resistance, which is when the effects of the hormone insulin stop being noticed by their cells. As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, a 3-week diet of 40 percent carbs and 45 percent fat was followed first by obese women with PCOS and insulin resistance, then a 3-week diet of 60 percent carbs and 25 percent fat. During each process, protein intake was 15 per cent.

2. Get tons of fibre

Since fibre helps you stay full after a meal, weight loss in women with PCOS can be enhanced by a high-fiber diet.

3. Just Eat Enough Protein

Protein helps to regulate blood sugar and after a meal, increases feelings of fullness.

By reducing cravings, helping you burn more calories, and controlling appetite hormones, it can also promote weight loss. After 6 months, women in the high-protein group lost an average of 9.7 pounds (4.4 kg) — slightly more than those in the control group.

You can add it to your meals or select high-protein snacks if you’re worried that you’re not getting enough protein. Eggs, nuts, dairy, poultry, and seafood are healthy high-protein foods.

4. Good fats to consume

As well as tackling weight loss and other symptoms of PCOS, having plenty of good fats in your diet will make you feel more relaxed after meals.

Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond butter are examples of good fats. The filling effects of meals and snacks can be further improved by combining a healthy fat with a protein source.

5. Eat foods that are fermented

In metabolism and weight maintenance, healthy gut bacteria can play a role.

Studies indicate that without this disease, women with PCOS can have less healthy gut bacteria than women. As such, eating foods rich in probiotics will help increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your stomach, such as yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods.

6. Mindful Eating Practice

Women with PCOS have also attempted several diets and have eating disorders that are three times more likely.

One possible solution is to eat mindfully. This encourages an increased perception of physical symptoms, such as appetite and fullness.

Mindfulness-based approaches to food especially binge eating and emotional eating, may help address problematic eating habits.

7. Cap on processed foods and sugars added

Another tip for weight loss with PCOS is to reduce the consumption of such unhealthy foods.

Processed foods and added sugar can increase blood sugar levels and increase your risk of obesity-related insulin resistance. Without it, women with PCOS can handle sugar differently than women.

Research indicates that after eating the same amount of sugar as women without this disorder, women with PCOS experience higher increases in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Studies show that real foods that are minimally processed not only increase blood sugar less than foods that are heavily processed, but are also more enjoyable. In addition, experts recommend that PCOS women limit their intake of added sugars and refined carbohydrates in order to control symptoms and maintain a healthy body weight. Cakes, cookies, sweets, and fast food contain foods high in added sugar and processed carbohydrates.

For women with PCOS, losing weight may be a battle.

Weight loss can be helped by a balanced diet that is low in inflammatory foods such as refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods, but rich in whole foods, protein, healthy fats, and fibre. Certain supplements can also improve.

It should also take lifestyle into account. For weight loss, daily exercise, stress control, and sleep are all crucial.

If you have PCOS and are trying to lose weight, try to reach out to a dietician. Being one of the best nutritionist in India, we at Qua Nutrition look at this matter with utmost significance and specialization. If you have any concerns about nutrition or our nutrition/ diet plans, call us at +91-9743430000 or email us at

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