Health Wonders Of The Delicious Pistachios

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Pistachios are known for their unique flavour and intriguing hue colours. It is one of the oldest tree nuts in the world which is typically grown in the Middle East and has been around for thousands of years now. Just like all nuts pistachio is also a very healthy dry fruit that is regularly consumed in Indian households and is used in a lot of desserts as well. It would not be uncommon to see pistachio being eaten as a snack mixed with other dry fruits, used in baking, used as a crunchy coating for other dishes or even on top of a salad dressing. roasted and salted pistachios have a big market as well. With so many varieties of pistachio snacks, the nut also has a lot of benefits which are discussed as follows:


Pistachios are rich in protein


In general, nuts are known for being nutritional and especially being rich in protein. Pistachio is not an exception; it is one of those nuts which have the largest amount of proteins in relation to its size. Nuts like pistachios will produce sufficient amounts of protein which help make amino acids in the body which are really important for repairing tissues and creating new molecules. Eating protein rich foods is also necessary to control our hunger and feel full without having to overeat and snack at appropriate times. This is also one of the primary reasons why pistachios are a popular snack food.


Low in calories


Unlike the popular belief, pistachios do not promote calories. They are low in calories which means that regular consumption of pistachios would not lead to weight gain. Rather it might even help you to lose your weight by controlling excessive hunger and providing sufficient proteins which can help improve your metabolism. It is one of the most popular dry fruit combination items which is used by people who are aiming to lose weight. In recent studies it has been shown that the lipid content in pistachios will not be fully absorbed by our bodies which would in turn reduce our body’s fat content.


Good for eyes


If being rich in antioxidants and protein was not enough, pistachio is also really good for our eyes. pistachio is a good source of.antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin  which are essential for our eye health. Regular intake of pistachios by people who are suffering from eye illnesses can also significantly help in improving that condition. Eating a balanced and healthy diet which includes pistachios is a good way to prevent eye diseases altogether.


If you want to buy pistachio snacks online then you would be surprised by the salted pistachio price as they are affordable and well within range. They are of high quality and can be easily available in any online grocery store. These dry fruits are healthy and can be consumed by both children and adults. Pistachios can be included in part of our meal as a snack, salad dressing or food topping 

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