Hamilton vs. Colorado – Weed Delivery and Its Usage

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When marijuana became legal to sell and buy in Canada, many stoners celebrated the day. Why? Because weed has many health benefits, for the same reason, it is also the choice of many medical marijuana patients, especially in Hamilton. Weed delivery in Hamilton is all legal that is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. Luckily, in Hamilton, you will uncover many dispensaries to order weed. But it would help if you kept in mind that you can order a specific amount of weed; otherwise, you will need to face the legal consequences.

Reasons to Buy Weed in Hamilton:-

We have accumulated seven different reasons that will convince you: Why should you buy weed in Hamilton?

Reason #1: The WWW (World Wide Web) has proved to be a blessing for us. Today, we can get anything that we want within a few clicks. So: Should you go to a local dispensary to buy weed in Hamilton? In Hamilton, you don’t need to, as you can order your weed online there with proof of your legal age to purchase marijuana. You will also need to remember that if you want to buy marijuana online, you should use the method, ‘e-transfer (electronic transfer).’

Reason #2: We have already mentioned in reason #1 that you need to be of legal age to buy weed. The legal age to purchase weed varies from province to province in Canada. It would help if you were 19 or 20 years old to purchase marijuana or 21 years old in some provinces. Hamilton falls in the province of Ontario in Canada; thus, the legal age to buy weed marijuana in this port city is 19 years or more. If you have achieved the age of 19 to 21 years or more, you can lawfully buy weed in Hamilton.

Reason #3: If you live in Colorado, you may know that purchasing weed from a dispensary in Colorado is legal; still, you technically violate the federal law then and hope that the cops don’t care about this by performing the preceding action. In Canadian cities, you don’t have to have such fears.  Why? Because buying weed is legal in Hamilton or other cities of Canada, even at the federal level.

Reason #4: You can easily smoke weed in Canada, depending on the province you live in. Hamilton is in Ontario that is not very strict about smoking weed, so you can smoke marijuana even in some places in Hamilton where you may smoke cigarettes. The case is all-different in Colorado, a state in the U.S. (United States). Even in federal lands in Hamilton, Canada; smoking weed is fine.

Reason #5: You can buy weed from an online dispensary offering you the services of weed delivery in Hamilton. Moreover, you can purchase weed in Hamilton in Canada and take it to Vancouver; however, if you buy weed in Colorado, you can never take it into another state as you will need to consume it in Colorado; otherwise, you can fall victim to a crime.

Reason #6: If you do a little Mathematics on Colorado vs. Hamilton’s taxes, you can get a bit confused. In Colorado, you need to pay a 15% tax on cannabis, and the state adds an extra 15 % tax on producers who sell cannabis to retail stores. Considering this point in mind, the consumers get pushed in Colorado to pay that enforced tax price. Thus, it seems that marijuana users are paying 30% tax on the purchase of weed. However, many experts believe that the tax burden on Hamilton’s cannabis consumers is less than that is applied in Colorado.

Reason #7: Most importantly, irrespective of the tax burden, weed prices in Hamilton are lower than those Colorado’s weed consumers pay for weed. The average weed prices for top-notch marijuana in Hamilton is about $217.21 per ounce (oz). In Colorado, it’s $241.37 per ounce. Furthermore, if you buy a medium or low-quality weed per ounce in Hamilton, the prices further lower-down for weed consumers.


Weed delivery in Hamilton is lawful, just like other Canadian cities; for the same reason, many Canadians enjoy consuming weed there. The following seven reasons give Hamilton an edge over Colorado is terms of purchase and usage of weed:

  1. Ordering weed online from a weed dispensary in Hamilton is a straightforward process.

  2. You need to be of 19 to 21 years of age or more to order weed in Hamilton.

  3. You don’t violate federal laws if you buy weed from a dispensary in Hamilton than Colorado.

  4. You can easily smoke weed in Hamilton, in contrast to Colorado.

  5. You can take weed from Hamilton to another city easily, whereas the case is different in Colorado.

  6. Tax burdens are lower on Hamilton’s weed consumers than Colorado’s stoners.

  7. The prices of weed are also lesser in Hamilton than in Colorado.

To sum up, Hamilton has the edge over Colorado in terms of weed delivery and usage. If you have made your mind to order weed online from a weed dispensary in Hamilton, Woodstock, or Brantford, you shouldn’t hesitate to order from the online weed dispensary, ILS (I Love Smoke)

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