Guide to Creating a Transitional Kitchen

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Designing, renovating, or decorate your kitchen? The transitional design might be exactly what you’re searching for. The transitional kitchen is the ideal mix of old and more contemporary styles and provides unlimited room for design creativity and versatility.  

Our guide to making a transitional kitchen provides you with all of the intel to choose whether that fashion will be for you and how to execute it into your property.

What’s Transitional Design? 

As its name implies, transitional design is a transition or middle ground between 2 distinct inside decoration styles: traditional and modern. Furniture, fabrics, fabrics, and finishes out of the styles come together to make an area that is timeless. 

As opposed to adapting to a preexisting fashion, you can set all of your creativity on screen. The flexibility of the transitional design makes it appropriate for any type of house, from Bungalow to Victorian. You do not like this exact same amount of versatility together with most other interior decoration fashions –yet another motive behind transitional design’s popularity.

Elements of a Transitional KitchenApplying transitional design for a kitchen is as straightforward as integrating a couple of fundamental principles.

Mixture of Designs 

The most significant part of a transitional kitchen would be that the blend of styles, like the conventional cabinetry from the aforementioned picture, paired with midcentury furnishings, modern appliances, and classic wood-look ceramic tile floors.  

Ideally, your kitchen will include a mixture that reflects your own style. Creating modern spins on traditional looks can also be powerful. By way of instance, the kitchen over utilizes white marble-look ceramic panels/slabs to produce the island and countertops surface and also integrates thin mosaic marble-look tile as a textured backsplash.

It is up to you if you produce a mostly conventional kitchen injected with components of modern design, a modern kitchen with conventional notes, or an equal mix of both! 

A mix of both Natural and Man-Made Material

Transitional kitchens adopt a mixture of various substances, with a focus on blending looks from character and fabricated substances. Believe timber, rock, glass, metal, ceramic tile, as well as concrete.

When picking which of those materials to put in your kitchen, consider carefully every fashion and function; picking a lot of distinct styles might be overwhelming and detract from performance.  

By way of instance, wood textures are crucial in kitchens that are vertical, but hardwood floors in an area with higher exposure to water can result in damaged floors and additional cleaning and upkeep. Ceramic tile makes selecting stuff for your kitchen simple.  

Tile is offered in a vast choice of colours, shapes, textures, and designs, such as marble, wood, and concrete appearances.  

Ceramic tile also supplies a large number of the kitchen.

Friendly positive aspects, including water-fire-, stain-, scratch-resistant, and bacteria-resistance! Ceramic tile’s flexible design and low-maintenance benefits imply you could utilize tile on any of your kitchen surfaces.  

Transitional design motivates one to think a bit differently, so you might use traditional materials in unexpected places, like designing a wood-look ceramic tile backsplash rather than utilizing a timber appearance with your flooring.

Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral colour schemes make transitional kitchens appear ageless. Shades of cream, white, beige, grey, and dark transcend colour styles, and white and black weathered kitchen palettes are typical because these colours work well with both traditional and modern designs.

Single-colour tastes may also function in oriental decoration, and lots of homeowners opt for all-white kitchens. Make certain to use many textures to create visual attention should you go to this course (more on textures next).

No matter your palette, add pops of colour to your kitchen. Adhere to a little area for daring colours and decide on a nontraditional colour to modernize your own space. As an instance, you might select blue for your own island countertop.  

Combination of Unique Textures and Finishes

As you will want to go easier with colour choices on your darkened kitchen, the contrary is true for finishes and textures. A kitchen that is mirrored is an affluent area, made so by the mixed textures of different substances.  

Single-colour kitchens rely on distinct textures to distinguish surfaces and areas. Ceramic tile comes in a vast array of textures and finishes (and, of course, three-dimensional choices ), so finding the proper blend of appearance for your kitchen is simple.  

Try to add both the polished and matte finishes and smooth and rough textures for maximum visual attention.

Sterile Lines

Clean, functional, and geometric lines make an uncluttered appearance in darkened kitchens. Avoid curved countertops and curves or elaborate carvings on the crown moulding, cabinetry, barstools, and other crafted bits.  

Your cabinets, particularly, ought to be low-profile — they do not have to steal the show. Transitional Kitchen Design InspirationBe inspired by a few of our treasured transitional kitchen designs.

Shaker Cabinets

You’ll come across Shaker-style cabinets in several vertical kitchens due to how they balance the contemporary and traditional design. Shaker cupboard doors and doors generally have elevated horizontal borders enclosing a flat panel at the centre without a curved moulding.  

The elevated boundaries add some attention to what could otherwise be wholly flat fronts while maintaining clean, uncluttered lines. Initial Shaker cabinets (those constructed by the Shakers) were wood-toned, but shaker fashions in crisp colours hit a wonderful balance between new and old. 


Concrete-look countertops and flooring are usually seen in darkened kitchens — that the industrial vibe of variegated colour and feel provides a modern option that modernizes more traditional-looking decor. 

Concrete may require additional maintenance to keep on looking its finest. Concrete-look ceramic tile is an alternative to accomplish the exact same look without the identical kind of additional upkeep (simply wipe with warm water), also may be utilized on some of your kitchen surfaces.

Stainless Steel

Crisp stainless steel contrasts beautifully with the natural appearance of wood and stone and is a superb method to balance the traditional and modern elements in your darkened kitchen.

Contain stainless steel appliances in your darkened kitchen. Go all out and use stainless steel cabinetry since you see it in the kitchen over. You might even use stainless steel accents, such as light fixtures or cupboard hardware.  

The target is to combine textures. 

You may also integrate metal-look ceramic tile to get an exceptional countertop or backsplash. Orientbell Subway Tile Backsplash-Although more than a century old, subway tile proceeds to come across a favourite location in the classic and contemporary decoration — and is the best addition to some transitional kitchen. 

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