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Graphic design is an exciting and constantly changing field. It has been used in many things, from magazines, advertising and product packaging to web design. If you are interested in graphic design, your first big decision will be which school should I choose?

Each school offers its own unique perspectives. There are many good schools out there. Rhode Island School of Design, School of Visual Arts, The Art Institutes and many others, how to decide?

Pick several that you think might be interesting; then research each one. Learn all you can about them. In most of them, you’ll study a variety of things: communication theory, design history, creating visual forms, color, and information design, plus a progression of typography and foundational courses of study. Don’t discount schools in your local area, either. Just because a school isn’t well known doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to learn and experience a lot of cool things.

Before applying to any graphic design school, be sure to check the list of professors. Consider where they were brought up; you don’t want to go to a school that just hires its own graduates. A diverse faculty makes the educational experience more complete.

Well, you have decided where you would like to study, your next question might be, what are the requirements?

·         The application is a two-step process. You must apply to the university of your choice. Typical requirements are as follows:

·         You will need to know how to use a computer and may need to provide your own.

·         An application for the undergraduate admission form.

·         An application fee (generally non-refundable)

·         Official transcripts from each high school, college, or university you have attended.

·         Results from your Academic Aptitude Test (SAT 1) or the American College Testing Program (ACT)

·         A statement of intent

·         A demonstration of English proficiency. Foreign students will need to provide the results of a test, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

·         A Financial Statement form and a Financial Verification letter from the bank

·         A copy of the alien registration card (only for permanent residents / foreign residents)

·         And last but not least, a portfolio, which we will discuss in more detail.

The second part of the application process is to have your portfolio ready to go. A typical portfolio should have 8 to 15 recent jobs from last year. Your portfolio should represent the interest and direction of your program, your aesthetic sensibilities, and what you believe to be your best work.

Each art department will have its own submission requirements for its portfolio. Some will require digital wallets; others may require slides of their work, while some will want to see the actual work. Be sure to submit it according to department guidelines or your work may not have been reviewed.

In your artist statement, which is also part of the application process, you should address your influences, interests, and current direction. You should put your name and the program you are applying for at the top of the statement. Be sure to include your reasons for wanting to study at school. They will want to know why you chose them over the other art schools.

There are different ways to generate or create 3D computer graphics. Before we discuss how to make 3D computer graphics, we need to look at what they are and get started. 3D animation has been around since the beginning of movies. It was first used in early films such as ‘King Kong’ and even earlier films such as The Humpty Dumpty Circus (1897). The movie King Kong (1933) is characterized by its stop-motion animation. It’s a form of 3D animation. the film, and when played in a continuous sequence, the illusion of movement is achieved.

3D computer graphics, like any 3D animation, give the illusion that the characters are in a three-3D world, and that’s how we see our world. They seem to be in a space that includes length, breadth and depth. When generated by a computer program, the geometric data is used to produce the three-dimensional effect. Of course, previous 3D animations, such as stop-motion, did not use computers to produce this effect. They relied on the clay figures to effect the 3D effect.

Graphic design

Mention these two words at your annual family reunion and dear Aunt Liz will ask you to design a logo and website for her Tuisnywerheid. “As a favor,” she will add, with her manicured claws pounding the table. Of course you do, fearful that the rejection will spark a ‘Skandal’ family.

A month later you receive your payment, a basket of coconut marshmallows.

Now you might be thinking that Aunt Liz is the exception for most modern tech minded people. But in my experience, I still find that people have a bit of a pixelated view of what Graphic Design really is and the amount of work that goes into it.

Ok wait, before I start ranting and giving away, let’s see what the main design goal is.

Good design is invisible.

A well-designed, clean and clear poster should unconsciously engage the viewer and get the information into their head within seconds. It’s not flashy and it doesn’t scream “look at me mom, I’m a designer.” Its main function is to bring order and clarity to the information.

The greatest designers in history were the early Egyptian rock painters and artisans who created the hieroglyphs. These works of art have survived through the centuries and have passed on information from generation to generation.

The design we make on a day-to-day basis will represent the information on your menu, brochure, poster, website, email, brochure or catalog in an orderly and easy-to-understand way, while still being interesting to look at.

Looking at the carefully crafted finished design, we ask that you try to fight the temptation to say “I could have done that!” or “I don’t know, okay, but I want more WOW.”

Like any profession, unless you are adept at the art of graphic design, aesthetically and artistically talented, and adept at all the nuances of every software program, you couldn’t have done it.

The great myth of graphic design

Most marketers view the graphic designer and his tool of the trade, the Mac mystique, with suspicion. Well, let me clear up a rumor you may have heard.

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