Grab A Chance To Mesmerize Music Lovers By Developing An App Like Spotify

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Hi! Most of us rely on music when we experience mood swings, right? “Music will soothe one’s soul,” and there can never be a contradicting opinion to this statement. Also, listening to music is one of the alluring forms of entertainment for many. Plugin the earphones, select the favorite songs, and put them on repeat! This is what most of us do.

Unexaggeratedly, music is the most integral part of our lives, and so are the number of music streaming apps that are rising. Would you like to launch a music streaming app that competes with popular music apps like Spotify, Gaana, etc.? Then, here is your opportunity to develop and launch music streaming app with the aid of the Spotify clone app.

Stages you have to associate with for developing a music streaming app

  • Create a business agenda

You have to begin with creating an agenda for your business comprising the key objectives of your business. The key objectives will be studying the customers, competitors and setting up milestones or future plans. 

In the beginning, you will start by studying the marketplace and get to know the scope. As of the music streaming marketplace is concerned, you don’t have to bother. Take a look at the statistical information to know about Spotify. As of 2021, Spotify has 158 million premium users globally. Also, Spotify is the highest downloaded music app in the Play Store globally. The number of downloads accounts for 8.8 million. 

Once you gain such key insights, you can confidently head to collecting the preferences of the audience/users. The crucial points that you have to include while collecting responses from your audience are the frequency of usage of music apps, reviews about their current music app, and demographics.

Data related to demographics is crucial in many ways. For example, if you can know the age group of the users, you can stream songs accordingly on the app. Millennials prefer listening to the latest songs, while elders prefer to listen to old songs. So, you have to find out their preferences in the first place.

  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

You can add power to your business if and only if you know your competitors thoroughly. First, you can start by knowing the opinions of their current users. Next, one of the best ways to know a product in and out is to use it. You can use your competitor’s app and can know their pluses and minuses. When you accomplish both stages (understanding the audience and competitors), you can quickly head on to the product/app development.

  • Music streaming app development

One of the common practices app owners do while developing their apps is that they will add the basic features alone to the app. The concept of including only the most-needed features is called MVP (Minimum Viable Product). So, if you are going for the implementation of MVP, then you can add features like registration, search bar, payment gateway, playlist, and some basic features. 

After deploying your app with the basic features, you can monitor the responses from users and then optimize the app by adding advanced features. You will get to know those advanced features in a separate section shortly.

In the introduction, I mentioned the Spotify clone app development. How far are you familiar with the clone concept? If you are totally unfamiliar with it, then no problem as you can know about it here. 

The Spotify clone app is quite a replication of Spotify itself. You don’t have to start developing your music streaming from the very beginning. Instead, purchase this clone app, add the changes you prefer, and launch. These clone scripts are developed with advanced features and the latest stacks, which will make your app appealing.

  • Copyrights

Since this is a music streaming app, you need to be careful regarding the copyrights concerned with songs. With proper permission from musicians/singers, you can list their songs on the app so that there will not be any copyright infringement issues.

You are done with the music streaming app development once you pass through these stages. We are yet to cover the revenue streams and features of the music streaming app. Let’s go!

Advanced features to be added to your music streaming app

  • Social media sharing – Your existing users are your brand ambassadors. They can help you in getting more users. For that, the social media sharing feature is the key. Through this feature, they can just share their favorite tracks or songs to any social media apps. 

  • Multilingual support – Facilitate users to use the app in their desired languages by adding the multilingual feature. 

  • Recommendations – Keep users highly engaged with your app by recommending songs in regard to their choices.

  • Push notifications – Inform users about the top tracks or songs included in the app and other app-oriented messages as push notifications.

Music streaming apps and their revenue streams

  • Subscription packages – The most appropriate revenue stream is this. Generally, subscription packages will comprise features like ad-free streaming, unlimited downloads, etc., for users. 

  • Premium features – Premium features are available for users who pay for the in-app subscription. Premium features can also be called advanced features. 

  • Ads – In-app ads can be displayed, which augments your revenue. 

Finishing lines

Since you are a beginner, you will need some time to learn how things work out in the music streaming marketplace. Optimization is one of the crucial things you need to carry out constantly in order to grab your objectives.

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