Gleem Toothbrush Review Tested – An Electrically powered toothbrush

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With the advancement in the world of technology, the future of brushing your teeth has also changed. Gleem toothbrushes played a significant role in these changes. This brush has proved to be efficient when we think of oral hygiene and oral care. The sleek design of the brush makes it attractive. It is easy to use, comes in handy, and light in weight which allows you to carry it easily everywhere you travel. The unique features of the brush will surely give you a desire to buy one for yourself. 

Conscious about your smile? Looking for some toothbrush which helps you brighten your teeth and helps you to improve your smile? Gleem toothbrush is the only toothbrush that will enhance the whitening of the teeth by the means of proper cleaning and give you a clear bright smile and make you feel confident to smile. The toothbrush is available in sleek black and white color which amplifies the appearance of the whole toothbrush and as well as the place where it is kept. I personally loved the black one because it gives an aesthetic look to the brush.

Gleem Toothbrush

Features of the electric gleem toothbrush:

Let’s talk about the features of the toothbrush and how is it different from other electric toothbrushes.

The gleem electric toothbrush has multi-features and each feature plays equal importance while considering oral care. The toothbrush is operated by a battery and does not require any charger which provides it portable and sufficient power for the vibrations to occur in the bristles and help you clean your teeth.

The design of this electric toothbrush is elegant with stunning and glossy black and white colors with an LED indicator to turn on your toothbrush. It has a replaceable brush head which you can replace with a new one and continue with your amazing smile. The bristle of the brush is basically sonic bristles that vibrate when turn on and make your brushing effective. The toothbrush also has a built-in timer mechanism that helps you to brush your teeth more efficiently and smarten up your smile.

Unlike other electric toothbrushes in the market, gleem electric toothbrush is much affordable and cost-efficient in terms of features. The life of this toothbrush is approximately 3 months which is great in comparison to other toothbrushes.

The Gleem electric toothbrush comes in a box that has an AAA battery, a travel case, a brush head, and the body of the electric toothbrush. This toothbrush is completely affordable when compared to the items it provides in the box.

The brush head is slim and has soft bristles which are gentle on teeth and does not hurt your teeth. These sonic bristles vibrations help in proper cleaning of the teeth and maintain oral care. 


Special features:

The electric Gleem toothbrush has a timer mechanism that helps you to keep a record and maintain consistency for your oral hygiene. The sonic vibrations start for 2 minutes and give 30 secs intervals for efficient and perfect cleaning of your teeth. Also, the brush’s head of the toothbrush is slightly elevated to keep it clean, neat, and away from the dirt.

Another special feature of this brush is the travel case, it is a slim fit case that protects the toothbrush from external pressure and ensures the safety of the toothbrush. This safety travel case is also a plus point for the toothbrush. 

The brush also provides a memory function that helps you keep a track of your brushing sessions and stop or restart them accordingly. This feature is only in gleem electric toothbrush which makes it special from other electric toothbrushes.

Gleem electric toothbrushes have a unique and environment-friendly aspect as well. They have a recycling process where you can recycle your toothbrush handles, brush heads, batteries, etc. You just have to fill up a form with the details on their website and pack the brush in a box and drop it off at a UPS store. This is one of the unique and completely environmentally friendly aspects that is not provided by any other electric toothbrushes.

Some reviews:

The gleem electric toothbrush is a bit underpowered due to which sometimes we need to compromise on the performance of the toothbrush. 

Gleem electric toothbrush is a battery-operated toothbrush due to which we can’t check the battery status of the toothbrush. We can only come to know when the vibrations are less or slow.

FAQ about Gleem electric toothbrush:

Can I use GLEEM electric toothbrush without sonic vibrations?

Yes, you can use gleem electric toothbrush just as your normal manual toothbrush without using sonic bristle vibrations.

Can I clean GLEEM electric toothbrush at home?

Yes, you can clean your brush by removing the brush head and clean it separately under running water. To clean the handle of the toothbrush, wipe it with a wet towel and do not rinse it in running water as it may damage the battery and the electric connection and might trip off the toothbrush.

How frequently am I suppose to change my gleem electric toothbrush?

You can use your toothbrush for 3 months approximately depending on the alignment of the bristles and also residues left on your toothbrush. In order, to maintain oral hygiene it is advised to change your brush head after 3 months of regular use.



When thinking of oral care and hygiene, the gleem electric toothbrush can be a go-to toothbrush because of its exclusive features which makes it different from other electric toothbrushes. Also with technical advancement, it is important to take of the environment as well and gleem electric toothbrush cares for the environment and preserves it to the best of its effort. The sleek design with easy to use interface attracts many customers to purchase one for themselves.Hope this gleem toothbrush review gave you more insights.

electric Gleem toothbrush helps you bring your smile and enhance your smile by its oral care and hygiene. Using Gleem electric toothbrush will prove to bring changes in your oral care and make you feel more confident about it. 

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