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A shisha pen may be a small, cigarette shaped, electronic hookah that vaporizes a flavoured liquid. The Shisha pen is ideal for an experience on the go, regardless of where you are; the shisha pen is prepared to use. Additionally to the present, since the e-shisha vaporizes a liquid, it doesn’t contain any of the tar, carbon monoxide or other toxins produced when burning shisha tobacco. Shisha pens deliver a real and enjoyable shisha experience without having to stress about drug addiction or negative health impacts. The shisha pen is the modern evolution of an ancient tradition.

While the smoking of hookahs is an age-old tradition dating back many years, the invention of the e-hookah is reasonably recent. It followed on from the creation of the e-cigarette by Hon Lik in 2003. Hon Lik may be a Chinese pharm-acist who came up with the thought of employing a piezoelectric ultrasound emitting element to vaporize nicotine diluted in propanediol. They were first introduced within the Chinese market in 2004 and have spread globally ever since. The shisha pen is the logical evolution of this idea to make a nicotine-free, portable and pure shisha experience.

It is these features that have led shisha pens to become a classy accessory that’s now often encountered on an evening out. The security, portability, flavours and also the health aspects has led many to prefer the e-shishas over smoking a hookah, which has been shown to return with considerable health risks.

How Do Shisha Pens Work?

Shisha pens run through vaporization, where the liquid is being heated to the purpose where it begins to evaporate. This creates a secure vapour that doesn’t contain any toxins. Conversely, hookahs and tobacco cigarettes work by burning material. During burning, many toxic substances are produced.

E-hookahs have three main components. These are the battery, the liquid filling and therefore the part that’s evaporating the liquid. When a puff is taken, the suction causes the battery to activate, which successively powers up the component and lights up the LED at the top of the pen. Because the element heats up, it evaporates the liquid into a vapour, which is then inhaled. It’s possible to urge around 600 puffs from an e-shisha before it runs out.

Top Advantages Of The Shisha Pen

No Toxins

Shisha pens create a clean and pure vapour that contains no tar, carbon-monoxide or the other toxin. It’s these poisonous chemicals, amongst many others, that are usually related to the health problems that result from the utilization of tobacco and hookahs. As cigarettes and hookahs burn tobacco, they create an outsized number of toxic by-products. As shisha pens don’t burn anything, they do not produce any of those problems.

No Nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found within regular cigarette tobacco also as in hookah tobacco. While not harmful by itself, nicotine creates addiction, which are some things those that want to enjoy the flavour like ehookah fantasia. The liquid in an e-shisha contains no nicotine.

No Smoke Restrictions

The fact that shisha pens create a vapour rather than smoke allows them to be utilized in places where tobacco use is frowned upon, restricted or maybe illegal.

No second user Smoke

The vapour created by an e-hookah dissipates within seconds. This suggests that there’s no “second-hand smoke” for others to inhale. This is often partly why they’re tolerated in places where tobacco isn’t.

It Costs Less

On average, a shisha pen lasts for 600 puffs. Once you take under consideration the value, it works out less expensive to use a shisha pen than it does to use hookah tobacco or smoke cigarettes.

No Lingering Smells

As the vapour created by shisha pens doesn’t contain tar or the other harmful additives, the smell doesn’t linger within the same way that smoke does. This suggests that clothes, furniture, hair and private possessions don’t become stained with the smell of smoke – a scent that a lot of people find undesirable and may affect the way people interact with smokers.

They’re Easy To Use

Unlike normal hookahs that need tons of fixing, shisha pens are easy to use. They require no found out and need no coals or fire like hookahs and cigarettes. Take a puff and hey presto!

They’re Small And Discreet


Unlike normal hookahs, e-hookahs are small (about an equivalent size as a cigarette). This suggests they will be easily carried around in your pocket or purse for straightforward use on the go – something that might not be practical with a traditional hookah. Also, as they’re small and make a vapour that rapidly disputes, their use doesn’t usually draw much attention, making them reasonably discreet.

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